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Try a New Pillow

Sleep Tip: Invest in a new pillow. Pillows are cheap but can have a HUGE impact on how well you sleep. Try several to find a perfect fit.

Healthy Diet Soothes Grumpiness

If you’re grumpy, your relationship suffers. Try to make just half your diet “real food” – veggies, fruits, whole grains. It helps!

Keep a Nighttime Journal

Sleep Tip: Keep a journal by your bed. Write out your thoughts, worries, dreams. It will help release them so you can get to sleep.

Find an Active, Fun Hobby

Find something active to do with your loved ones. Go for walks. Do nature photography. Rent a canoe. Learn to fence. Play together!

Block Light to Sleep

Sleep tip: Eyes are VERY sensitive to light. 1 hour before bed start dimming lights. Get double window shades and a sleep mask.

Make Use of Long Rides

Have a long ride ahead of you? Load an interesting audio book onto your iPod. Enjoy a romantic story, or learn stress-relief ideas!

Being Right Doesn’t Always Matter

He says he’s right. You know he’s wrong. *IT IS OK*. Take a deep breath and let it go. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter.

Learn what NOT to do

Anyone watching Biggest Loser? You learn about dysfunctional relationships, what NOT to do. Does your partner push you in bad directions?

Soothing Playlist

Feeling low? Music is shown in studies to affect hormones and stress levels. Make a soothing playlist. Close your eyes. Listen.

Hot Baths Help you Sleep

Sleep Tip: Take a long, hot shower or bath. The running water soothes your senses. After, your body cools, which helps you sleep.