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No Complain Reboot 8

No Complain Reboot 8 Day 1 – today was a massive project clearing out all the pricker bushes mixed in with the forsythia. I’m proud that I only complained once :). It was a long swath along a stone wall, and I got it all cleared and neat! Now we’re going to put stone edging […]

Meditate at 10

Ten minutes away from the ten minute meditation at 10pm. Join me! It will take my mind off the new poison ivy spots on my legs. … That was lovely. Once again I played Enya music while I meditated. I find it soothing. My current trio of songs is Orinoco Flow, Watermark, and Only Time.

No Complaining!

No Complain Reboot 7 Day 1 – restarting due to a minor glitch :). I was pulling out supplies from my origami shelves, a box tumbled, and a complaint ensued. One day at a time!

No-Complaining 6:2

No-Complaining Reboot 6 Day 2 is going smoothly. Gorgeous sunshine, my schoolwork is set, the clothes are washing, the dishes are too.

Ten Minute Meditation

Ten minute meditation at 10pm is coming up – pull up a pillow and join me!

Reboot 6 of No-Complain Project

oops! Just complained about a scheduling snafu. My mom tried to schedule my graduation party on the day of Bob’s gig. Ooops. Starting now on Reboot 6 Day 1 :). One day at a time!

No Complaining Project

No Complaining Project – Reboot 5 Day 5 – a sunny delightful day, I’m mixing up hummingbird nectar. I haven’t seen one yet, but I’m hopeful!

Fourth Day of No-Complain

I’m now on day 4 of no-complain – so far so good! I definitely recommend giving this a try.

Ten Minute Meditation

I’m ten minutes away from starting my ten minute meditation at ten pm EST :). If anyone is around to join me, that would be lovely!   … LOL and again I stopped exactly at 10:10! I love how brains work

Test of No Complaining

The USPS delayed the delivery of my priority-mail origami doves and now they won’t get there for the peace conference. They said too bad.  I was already practicing patience using their automated phone system, which is atrocious, and then the customer service rep wasn’t much better. But I did not “complain” – I stated clearly […]