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Ten minutes until the 10pm meditation for ten minutes! Count to ten, then settle down in a chair or pillow! Your brain craves peace … LOL that time I opened my eyes at 10:09. I was too excited about an idea I had for arranging rides for an upcoming wine dinner.

No Complain Reboot 11 Day 1

Ooops – No Complain Reboot 11 Day 1. I was pouring my artichoke liqueur for my Champagne cocktail, trying to add just a little. The bottle isn’t meant for pouring small amounts apparently :). I ended up with it all over the table. I might have been a bit exasperated by that. Starting fresh! How […]

MUSED Literary Review

Final Call! The deadline for submissions to MUSED Literary Review is TODAY Wed May 8th! Please Share! MUSED Literary Review

No Complain Day 3

No Complain Reboot 10 Day 3 – a gorgeous day. The fire pit is in a new spot and I adore it there. I’ll post a photo. I had dinner with a friend and delicious dessert. A lovely, lovely day.

Time to Relax

Ten minutes until the 10pm meditation – come join us! You deserve peace and serenity in your life. … Too funny. I opened my eyes exactly at 10:10. I wonder how the brain knows.

Meditation at Ten

We are ten minutes away from the 10pm meditation that last for … can you guess? … ten minutes! You can go longer if you wish … Opened my eyes exactly at 10:10. Intriguing! A lovely meditation, although these thoughts of Fire Pit kept circling in my head :).

No Complaining

No Complain Reboot 10 Day 2 – had to restart yesterday when I complained a bit about the initial placement of our new fire pit That’s all right, one step at a time. I do like having it! Very serene. How are you doing in being aware of your effect on the world?


Ten minutes until the 10pm meditation for ten minutes! I’m by my new fire pit, and the flames are flickering! Join in virtually!


Just about ten minutes until the ten pm meditation for ten minutes! Get your meditation spot ready!

No Complaining

OK restarting on No Complain Reboot 9 Day 1 – we had to race to get my three photos to the location in time to register for the art show, and I ended up complaining. There was no need to race either, if I’d planned the day out a bit better. So I need to […]