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Meditate on Love

Ten minutes until our meditation at 10pm! Join us, and experience serenity! I’ll meditate on love.


Ten minutes until our meditation at 10pm. Tonight I’ll meditate on the loss of my little parakeet; she lived a good life.  What will you meditate on? … A lovely meditation, and it went by so quickly! How is your level of calm this evening?


Ten minutes away from the 10pm meditation! Tonight I think I’ll just meditate with silence. How about you?

No Complain Project

OK I made it to 15 days before complaining, so that isn’t too bad! That means I am now on Reboot 17, Day 2. Yesterday was just SO hot, and I knew I was tired and cranky. And then my FTP software wasn’t working, and I was worn down and frustrated. So I complained about […]

Supermoon Meditation

Approaching our 10pm meditation! I think I will meditate on an image of the moon, in honor of the upcoming SuperMoon How about you?

Happy Summer Solstice!

It is exactly 1:04am EST – the peak of the Summer Solstice! Somewhere over China the sun is at its very highest point in the sky. For the rest of us, we light fires, celebrate the glow, and soak in the beauty of summer. A perfect way to celebrate is to read the Summer Solstice […]

Meditation in Cornwall

For tonight’s meditation I’m going to try this video – it’s filmed in Cornwall, England Join me at 10pm! Meditation Video set in Cornwall … Quite relaxing, I enjoyed her accent. The music was a little distracting, I think I prefer them with just a steady ohm type of sound. What do you guys prefer?

Guided Meditation with Eckhart Tolle

Today I’m going to try a Guided Meditation with Eckhart Tolle at 10pm – here’s the link – Guided Meditation with Eckhart Tolle join in with me! … A lovely meditation with some good messages – accept whatever state you are in now. Don’t struggle for a “perfect” meditation.


Meditation begins in about ten minutes – I’ll see what else YouTube has to offer for guided meditation options! How about you? … I did 10 min of this meditation – YouTube Guided Meditation- I found the approaching footsteps a bit creepy Not serene.


Heading towards 10pm for our ten minute meditation! I’ll poke around YouTube to find another guided meditation to test out :). … Wow that was a lovely guided meditation. More ideas for doing my own. The “hiss” on the audio does need to be fixed – Guided Meditation on Love