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No Complain Project Reboot 16

An update for me. I am now on No Complain Project Reboot 16, Day 5. Backstory: About ten years ago one of our cats, Oscar, briefly caught on fire by walking on the bed headboard when we were in bed and had a lit candle there. We of course put him out promptly, but we […]

YouTube Guided Chakra Meditation

A lovely ten minute meditation session – tested out another YouTube guided video. This one involved chakras – YouTube Guided Chakra Meditation

YouTube 10 minute Guided Meditation

Had a lovely guided meditation thanks to a YouTube video – is he Australian? Lovely accent. YouTube 10 minute Guided Meditation  


Ten minutes until the 10pm meditation. I think I’ll focus on a candle flame tonight. Do you have any candles handy? …¬†Lovely. I definitely recommend trying meditation with a candle flame. It’s quite relaxing.

10 Minute Fountain Meditation

10 Minute Fountain Meditation – relax with natural sounds of water – 10 Minute Fountain Meditation  

Guided Meditation

Ten minutes until our 10pm meditation. I’m going to try a random YouTube guided meditation – we’ll see how it goes! How about you?

Object Based Meditation

Object based meditation is when you focus on a flickering candle flame, moving fountain, or other object –   Object Based Meditation   – this is what I’ll be doing tonight. I’ll use my fountain.

Meditate in 10 …

Pausing in my tax reconciliations to meditate at 10pm. My brain definitely needs it :). It’s feeling a little fried.

Basics of a Guided Meditation

Basics of a guided meditation – just what is a guided meditation? Basics of a Guided Meditation  

Meditating by Visualizing a Scene

Meditating by Visualizing a Scene / Location – tips and ideas –   Meditating by Visualizing a Scene