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A wonderful day with gorgeous sunshine and delightful live music. A lot of good blessings to meditate on. Will you join me? 10 min!

Meditate in Silence

Coming up on the 10pm meditation! I think I’ll #meditate in silence again. That was quite peaceful last night. How about you?

No Complaining

Reboot 20 Day 2 – I do still hit hiccups, and they are informative, to help me review my life and what my “triggers” are. So I did hit a hiccup last night, and it began with the quite messy state of the house, me tripping over something that has been in the kitchen for […]

Silent Meditation

Last night I meditated to lovely medieval music, thanks to Dave and the band’s after-gig soundtrack. Tonight I’ll simply soak in silence.


Cool, someone is working on life-size holograms. I’ll meditate on what kind of fun that would be. My own live chess set! Join me … A lovely, relaxing meditation. And now Bob is serenading me with his bass guitar. A delightful evening.

Meditate Silently

Ten minutes until my 10pm meditation. I think tonight I’ll just do a quiet, mind-clearing meditation. No video, no sound. Join me! … A nice, relaxing meditation. The hummm of the AC is quite soothing. The dark helps too.


The 10pm meditation is coming up in ten minutes! Join us for serenity and release of stress. I will continue on my Winged Migration watch. … A lovely meditation session. I love the scenes of the elderly farm woman feeding the large storks as they stop over from their migration.


A meditation is coming up in five minutes :). Pour some wine, light a candle, and join us! Breathe in relaxation #meditation … Winged Migration is so intriguing to meditate to. A variety of thoughts. This time it was on nature interacting with pollution. A reminder that what we do to this earth matters.

Meditate on Achievements

We are nearing the 10pm meditation! Tonight I will meditate on the things I’ve checked off my list, to give me encouragement to plow on … That was lovely. Sometimes I think I keep focusing on the piles and piles of things to do. Sometimes I have to look at what’s been done. That gives me […]

No-Complain Project

No-Complain Reboot 19, Day 1 – the heat got to me. Bob now put the AC in my office window and I feel SO much calmer and relaxed  Still, I’m going longer and longer between reboots. That in itself is a lovely thing.