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Sworn Loyalty is LIVE!

My Sworn Loyalty medieval novel is now live! Please help support battered women’s shelters and buy a copy today! Sworn Loyalty – A Medieval Romance  

Meditate on Healthy Eating

Heading into my 10pm meditation – hunger makes me cranky :). Must learn to eat regularly. Something to meditate on Join me!

Meditate on Creativity

I’m taking a break from my final review of my novel so I can meditate. I think I’ll meditate on creativity :). If you’re around, feel free to join me! It’s currently 8pm MST / 9pm CST / 10pm EST

Candle Meditation

Coming up on my 10pm meditation. Tonight I’ll do a quiet meditation with a candle :). Join me! #meditate #serenity

Autumn Equinox Meditation

I’m preparing for my meditation on the Autumn Equinox. I adore autumn. If you’re around, join me!

Happy Autumn Equinox

Enjoy the beginning of Harvest Season! Here’s the latest issue of the Mused Literary Magazine to celebrate – please share with family and friends! Mused Literary Review

Meditate on Friendship

Getting started a little late on my meditation. Meditating on the nature of friendship, and the short-lived delight of fresh tomatoes

Meditate on Goals

Coming up on the 10pm #meditation – I’m going to meditate on reaching one’s dreams. We all should move toward that goal, one step at a time!

Floral Meditation

It’s time for the 10pm meditation! I’m going to meditate on flowers tonight. They come in such a lovely variety. #meditate #flowers Join me!

Sitting Meditation

A delightful day kayaking with my darling. Peaceful and serene. It was a full day meditation. Now for my quiet sitting #meditation – join me! …¬†That was a lovely #meditation – Juliet the cat kept me company