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October 2013
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Meditate on Celebrations

Heading into my 10pm meditation. The Sox are winning, and I’m on the final pass of In A Glance. Joyful. Meditate with me!

Meditate on Love

Heading into my 10pm meditation – will meditate on the nature of soul-felt love. It’s what I love writing about. Join me!

Red Sox Meditation

Nearly at the 10pm meditation – and the Sox are playing. I think I’ll #meditate on a Home Run :). Join me! #redsoxnation

Lou Reed RIP

Heading into 10pm meditation – thinking about Lou Reed’s passing. He gave voice to many who felt invisible. He helped them find strength. A great legacy.

Meditate on Home

Almost at the 10pm meditation time. As much as I adored Bermuda, I’m quite thankful to be home. #meditating on home and contentment. Join me!

Meditate on Self Worth

Time for the 10pm meditation. I think I’ll #meditate on the nature of respect and self-worth. We all deserve it.

Meditate and Relax

Ten minutes until my 10pm meditation – I’ve just been running non-stop since I got up. A good time for a break. Mediate with me

Appreciate Life

Meditation time coming up. Still feeling shock from friend John passing away. He was so full of life and kindness. Meditating on appreciating life and friends each day that we have them.

Red Sox Meditation

Time to #meditate – but the Sox are playing. Can one meditate while watching baseball? I think so! Meditative baseball … ohhmmm .. #redsox

Meditate on Progress

Heading into my 10pm meditation. Got a lot done so far today, and the day’s only just starting! Will meditate on progress. If you’re around, I’d love for you to join me!