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November 2013
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Meditate on Poetry

Time for my meditation. Meditating on the beauty of well done poetry! Our Mused artists can be spectacular :).

Meditate on Creativity

Meditation at 10pm – I’m finishing up my voting for Mused. I’m honored by the artists who entrust their works with us. #meditate

Meditate on Life Lessons

My 10pm #meditation is coming up. I am so thankful for the lessons life teaches me every day, and how it offers me room to improve.

Meditate on Creativity

Just waking up. My sleep schedule is about as odd as it gets :). I’ve been doing #origami folding marathons. Will #meditate on creativity. Join me! :).

Meditation when Sluggy

A bit late starting my 10pm meditation, but that’s OK. Still sluggy and slow. That’s OK too. One step at a time. #meditate

Meditate in Quiet

Ten minutes until meditation. Delicious food from friends Beth and Reid – now curling up with Bob. Ohhhmmmmm. Join me! #meditate

Meditate on Salad

Preparing for my 10pm meditation – and I just finally sat down with my salad and a glass of wine. I’ll #meditate on my eating :). Join me!

Meditate on Health

I’m so sluggy today. Meditation will probably be a breeze. I will meditate on health, since I don’t tend to appreciate it until it’s missing :). Join me!

Meditate on Self-Published Book Awards

Coming up on my 10pm meditation! I’m pondering BellaOnline offering ebook awards / feedback to help authors. I’d love to help all those self-published authors get the recognition they deserve. Something to meditate on.

Meditate on Beauty

It’s nearing my 10pm #meditation – what to #meditate on tonight. With Mused submissions being due tomorrow, maybe the nature of beauty?