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Bamboo capri Alo yoga pants

Bamboo capri Alo yoga pants – a cute idea. What type of yoga pants do you wear?   Bamboo capri Alo yoga pants    

Danskin Now Yoga Top

My favorite yoga top is from Danskin. I own several and these Danskin Now ones are definitely the ones I enjoy the most.   Here’s my full review –   Danskin Now Yoga Top   What clothing do you like to wear when doing yoga?


A lovely #yoga session. I haven’t done a full one in a while. Plus the birds were flying steadily at the feeder. A lovely start to the day.


Coming up on the 10pm meditation! It’s been a long day – I was up at 6am – so I’m ready for rest :). Breathe in serenity!

Weekly Weigh-In

It’s weekly weigh-in time! I had James over for the weekend so now I’m 132.2lb, 19.4% fat, 55.2% water, 36.9lb muscle. Time to renew my mindful eating. How are you doing? #lowcarb #weightloss


A new week! New opportunities! I start with 1752 messages in my inbox. First task – to sort and organize these. Happy Monday! What are you organizing?

Romantic Origami

I’m making romantic #origami lotus flowers. What poems should I use? “She walks in beauty”? Any other ideas? #romantic #poetry

Do Not Complain Reboot 31 Day 2 -

Do Not Complain Reboot 31 Day 2 – Ooops, food did it to me yet again. I compiled a slow cook recipe book which then had me craving corned beef. Bob went out and got all the stuff, even though it was out of season, and we even bought a new slow cooker too. He […]

No Complaining

Do Not Complain Reboot 30 Day 9 – I found myself starting to get cranky today and thought about it. I realized two things were involved. First, I was quite hungry but kept putting off getting food so I could plow through my work load. Clearly that wasn’t a good plan :). So I took […]


Heading into my 10pm meditation. It’s barely morning for me – I think I woke up at 8pm. Meditation is a lovely way to start my day :). … … I used an online guided #meditation – lovely. I wish it didn’t have flashing ad promos though. The incessant ads interrupted my immersion in the meditation. I […]