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Heading into my 10pm meditation. Talked with a talented photographer today and got wonderful inspiration. Look for the lesson in each day!


Starting my 10pm meditation a little late tonight; that’s ok! Made a lot of progress on my email and had lovely sushi too. Joyful. Join me! … A lovely meditation with super-cool music videos animated with physics-based instruments – take a look! YouTube Animated Music

Believing Your Eyes – A Medieval Romance

Believing Your Eyes – A Medieval Romance is currently FREE on Kindle! Download your copy today! Believing Your Eyes – A Medieval Romance Share with friends and family – we can all use free books and stories of true love!


It’s right at the 10pm meditation – Bob is making me a delicious omelet and I had oodles of fun learning HDR photography with him. Happy. …¬†Here’s the guided video #meditation I did on #Mindfulness It’s a great aim to be mindful and aware. Mindfulness Video

Meditate on Appreciating Life

Nearly at my 10pm meditation – made good progress so far and Bob cooked me a delicious omelet. I’ll #meditate on appreciating life :).

Meditate on Small Steps

Approaching my 10pm #meditation time. Feeling like I’ve made good progress today. A load of dishes done, my Smoothie ebook is publishing, I sent out four packages to various new homes, and I’ve got a nice glass of wine. A good spot for deep breaths. Join me in serenity!

Do Not Complain Reboot 30 Day 3

Do Not Complain Reboot 30 Day 3 – A good example of the process I go through. Last night (well, technically, this morning) I was curling up in bed with Bob on one side and Juliet the cat on the other. Both began snoring :). Part of me thought, “really? I’m sleepy.” But then I […]


Preparing for my 10pm meditation. Focusing on appreciating all I have in life. Every day is a gift. #mediate #serenity Join me! …¬†Lovely meditation. We have a gently flickering fire, the kitty is sprawled before it; Bob serenaded me with his guitar. Life is to be savored.

Do Not Complain 2014

Do Not Complain Reboot 30 Day 2 – It’s been a while since I’ve updated my Do Not Complain project. In general I have gotten much more aware about when I start to feel cranky. I can take a deep breath and a step back. I find that helps immensely. I can put issues into […]


Preparing for the 10pm meditation. It’s been a long weekend – I’m ready for a quiet time of focus to resettle. Join me in serenity!