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Birch Blackguards Online Launch Party – Starts 45 Min

Lisa’s online book launch party begins in 45 minutes – oodles of prizes and games! Be sure to stop on in! Birch Blackguards Online Launch Party  

Birch Blackguards on Kindle

Birch Blackguards, the second book in the Sutton Mass. Mystery series, is now live on Kindle! Grab your copy and enjoy! Share the news . Birch Blackguards on Kindle  

Flesh and Blood – Rutger Hauer

Flesh and Blood – Rutger Hauer and Jennifer Jason Leigh in a rough medieval world – Flesh and Blood – Rutger Hauer Have you seen this? This one spurs discussion for me. What should she have done?

Forgive your Choices

Day 9 / Forgive your choices – this again seems similar to past days. I suppose the aim is to keep approaching issues from different angles until they’re resolved. The idea is it’s always easier to second-guess choices after the fact and after we know what happens. “In the moment” we can only do the [...]


Day 8 – Forgive Mistakes / Weaknesses. This seems the same as Day 1 but I suppose part of the point here is to keep working on “sticky points” to try to get better at them. So it’s probably good to do another round of working on forgiving your own weaknesses. We all have them, [...]

Forgive your Father

Forgiveness Day 5 – Yes, Forgive your #Father . Dads have all sorts of bizarre expectations laden on them in our society. Tough & Gentle. There was a great SuperBowl commercial about a father leaping to save his child from all sorts of wild dangerous situations. We are trained to expect fathers to be that [...]

Believing Your Eyes – A Medieval Romance

Believing Your Eyes – A Medieval Romance is currently FREE on Kindle! Download your copy today! Believing Your Eyes – A Medieval Romance Share with friends and family – we can all use free books and stories of true love!

Meditate on Self-Published Book Awards

Coming up on my 10pm meditation! I’m pondering BellaOnline offering ebook awards / feedback to help authors. I’d love to help all those self-published authors get the recognition they deserve. Something to meditate on.

Sworn Loyalty is LIVE!

My Sworn Loyalty medieval novel is now live! Please help support battered women’s shelters and buy a copy today! Sworn Loyalty – A Medieval Romance  

Trusting in Faith

Trusting in Faith was released today! My new medieval novel features a midwife heroine who falls in love with a Templar knight. Trusting in Faith