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Get Into Sports!

Want to meet lots of guys? Find a sport you enjoy, and go to a sports bar! If you’re a female baseball fan in summer, you’re golden!

Get Moving

Find friends who enjoy being active. Take up a fun hobby – biking, walking, ping pong, pool, darts, *anything*! Get up and out there!

Eat Somewhere Interesting

When you go out to eat, choose somewhere fun! Try a middle eastern restaurant that features a belly dancer. It adds a fun thing to discuss!


Way to Meet Guys: Find out the local dart team schedule. These teams can be 100% male! Plus you know they have focus and steady hands

Add Fun Into your Relationship!

Free fun relationship ideas – go tour a local beer factory or winery! The tour itself is tons of fun, and if you drink, free tastings!

Way to Meet Girls

Way to Meet Girls: Sign up for a yoga class, especially near a college town. They can be 90% female – and yoga is good for your health!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Go for a long walk in a park or woods, and carry your camera. You never know what gorgeous photos you can take on the way!

Play at a Pet Store

Find something FUN to do with your partner. Go to a pet store and play with the puppies.  Sing to the parakeets. It’s free!


riday Night’s a great night for live music! Go support your local bands, meet some new friends, dance away some calories!

Book Clubs

Join a library book club. It’s a great way to meet people. Also, talking about new books you’ve read is perfect breaking-the-ice at parties!