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Yoga Retreat

Today back in 2011 I began a weekend retreat at Kripalu with a friend. It was a fantastic weekend. Highly recommended.

Have you gone on a meditation / yoga retreat?

Cleaning Humidifiers

I’m finishing up cleaning all my humidifiers before they go into the attic. How often do you clean yours?

Cleaning Humidifiers

Cleaning Microfiber

Our current cleaning project – cleaning our microfiber cloths. How do you clean yours? Just toss them into the wash?


Meditating on Relaxing

Had a fantastic dinner with a friend tonight. Relaxing conversation and lots of inspiration. Meditating on the power of taking a break.


Heading into the 10pm meditation. So much to be grateful for. Washing machine, dryer, mower, all pulled apart, fixed up, and working. Happy.

Cleaning your Microfiber

We use microfiber to clean floors but the microfiber itself is SO hard to clean afterwards. They clump up in the washing machine. Any ideas? The websites talk about not washing them with other clothes, which is fairly obvious to me. These things are grimy. Also, microfiber cloth would latch on to other clothes and rip them up. But even if you wash them on their own, with other microfibers, how do you keep them from turning into a single large microfiber ball and not really getting clean?


I had a lovely yoga session on the back porch. Hummingbirds kept me company – and Bob fixed the mower! We have a fire pit again! Happy. I had thought the helicopters flying overhead were preparing for Obama’s visit on Wednesday, but it turns out a man was lost in the nearby forest. Bob and I headed over to help with the effort – fortunately a K9 unit found him and all was resolved. So all in all a good day.


Heading into my 10pm meditation! Absolutely a fantastic weekend full of live music, joy, and ducklings :). Treasure each day. #meditate

Art Meditation

Art Meditation – #Meditation in 10 min. I had a *fantastic* time at a local art gallery tonight. Look for opportunities to explore local art. Soak it in.

Evening Meditation

Time for my evening meditation. Meditating on finding serenity in each day we’re blessed to be on this Earth. #meditate