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October 2014
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August Yoga

A stunningly beautiful August morning for my back porch yoga. Treasuring the hummingbirds – I know they’ll be heading south soon. #yoga


Heading into 10pm meditation time – grateful James is over to visit, grateful everyone is happy and healthy. A lovely weekend ahead.


A simply beautiful yoga session this morning. Idyllic weather. Hummingbirds. A friendly slug. Gentle breezes. Peppers are getting red. #yoga

Yoga in August

A lovely yoga session on the back porch. Cool for August. I never put my AC in my office window this year. Are we having a strange year? I certainly appreciate August being so temperate – but does this mean we’ll have a frigid winter?


Heading into my 10pm meditation – just launching my new dystopian novella. Feeling content that is finally ready. One step at a time :).

19 Year Anniversary

Today is my 19th year anniversary of living with Bob; we’ve known each other for 28 years. That’s just amazing. And I love him more daily :). We both went to WPI and our lives have intertwined since then. He supports me enthusiastically in everything I do – drives me to writing group meetings, helps me with my books, gathers art supplies for me, helps me with my wacky creative ideas, cooks delicious meals for me, and so much more.


What a beautiful day! I enjoyed my back-porch yoga with hummingbirds, JulieCat, morning glories, cosmos, chickadees, and gentle breezes. Are you soaking in the sun?


Heading into 10pm meditation – finishing up polishing on my dystopian novella. Yes, another genre. I’ve always wanted to write this story. In the past when I had a scifi story demanding to be told I tried turning it into a medieval novel to stay with that existing genre series. It didn’t work – my brain still wanted me to write the scifi version. So now I just let the stories out the way they want to be and don’t worry about what genre the story is in.

Meditation on Helping Others

10pm meditation time. Contemplating the nature of helping others. There are many hurdles even with the best of intentions. #meditate


10pm #meditation time and I am just exhausted. My sleep schedule is flipped and I’ve been pushing myself hard to get various tasks done.