Hi, I've a problem right now with a girl that I really like. I met her a year ago, and got to know her pretty well. I was interested since the beginning but I tried no to let it show at first(don't really know if it worked), until I thought I had a chance. She started growing on me, we talked for long periods of time. If she was alone I kept her company, she opened up to me, and my feelings for her grew, and I actually felt like she liked me back. At one point she started to get irritable because of something that happened to her with some friends, and snapped at me a few times. At first I just let it go, but it kinda got out of control for a moment, and I started to get pissed. I still had feelings for her, but she was making it hard to maintain them. We were on finals and I had to finish a project for my research professor, and I was behind schedule. During this time she invited me to the movies alone with her, I think I understood there that she liked me as I learned she never went alone with someone else to the movies, but thanks to the project I had to finish and was so nervous about I said I couldn't. I think I made the biggest mistake of my life by doing that, she got mad but didn't stopped talking to me, although she seemed pissed. She told me that she wanted to do it in case I wasn't going to see her again on the next school year, since I was finishing my degree (bachelor's) and since she was going on an internship that summer. I did tell her that I would try to be near her even if I didn't enroll on another degree. It turns out I did enroll and saw her again. But things seemed different, and just a few days back she says she has a boyfriend on her IM status. I investigate and this "boyfriend" is someone she met during the internship, but the relationship for now is only online.

Now, once I found out about this, I thought my heart was shattered, I thought she had feelings for me as I did for her, but this happens. I don't really know what to do, since I never really confessed to her, but I'm sure she knows I like her. My heart aches like crazy right now and I can't really concentrate. We are on finals right now, so I don't want to mess things up for neither of us right now, but I do feel I need to talk to her once finals are over. Should I come clean and tell her even if it is too late. Does she even have feelings for me anymore. I would appreciate your input in this matter, cause I really have no one else to ask. Help me please.