Posted by: Tango Mango 123

help!!! - 07/15/07 12:31 AM

I have this friend. They really like me but I dont like them back. Im afraid that because they told me they like me it will never be the same between us. what should i do?
Posted by: PDM

Re: help!!! - 07/15/07 12:57 AM

Hello Tango Mango 123 & welcome.

When you say that this person 'likes' you, I assume you mean in as romantic manner as opposed to a friendly manner?
And when you say that you 'don't like' them, I presume you mean that you do like him or her, but only as a friend and not in a romantic way?

I think that you just have to be honest and say that you value the friendship but don't want a romantic attachment ~ and actually say that you don't want this to have a bad effect on the friendship.

However, it might be hard dealing with this for both of you.

Judging from other posts, this sort of thing happens quite a bit.

Good luck! smile
Posted by: Princess K

Re: help!!! - 07/20/07 03:12 PM

It's quite simple:

Say: "I'm sorry but I'm not interested in you in that sort of way. And I'm really sorry if that hurts your feelings, bu tI'd love to remain friends with you because I feel our friendship shouldn't be put in jeopardy."