help please is it in my head?

Posted by: Fruitybabe

help please is it in my head? - 04/30/12 07:47 PM

hi all, just after some advice really,me and my boss at work seem to be flirting a lot, we say the odd naughty comment to each other but then it cools off,i like him but not sure if he likes me, if im in the same room as him he will stay for 5 minutes but then runs for the door but then half an hour later he is making flirty comments again to me? im a little confused. i dont have the guts to ask him straight out if he likes me, as he seems to be hot to trot one minute then runs away the next. hes very forthcoming with the comments and they are pretty rude but im just not sure if it is just workplace banter or not, he doesnt act this way with any other female at work

hope someone can throw some light on this for me xx
Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Re: help please is it in my head? - 04/30/12 09:27 PM

because another female worker wouldnt encourage bad behavior which this is. If he was interested ..he would be showing you respect which none of this is about ...sorry. frown
Posted by: PDM

Re: help please is it in my head? - 05/30/12 02:29 AM

Hi smile

I agree, being rude is not flirting, it's just being unpleasant. It could even be considered sexual harrassment, in certain circumstances.

Since he is your boss, is he a lot older than you?
Could he be married?

Be very careful!
Posted by: Dave40

Re: help please is it in my head? - 06/07/12 11:47 PM

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Re: help please is it in my head? - 06/08/12 04:37 PM

May I say, in response to certain posts that appear from time to time, that casting spells is not going to help solve any problems ~ romantic or otherwise smile
Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Re: help please is it in my head? - 06/09/12 12:24 AM

not only that PDM it does the opposite because things do not happen in a natural way when this is done and that persons sacred space has been intruded upon without their karma will come back to bite your butt
Posted by: PDM

Re: help please is it in my head? - 06/09/12 08:32 PM

It's definitely not a good idea smile
Posted by: jaaanp hunty

Re: help please is it in my head? - 09/03/12 07:56 AM

its happen many with secrety or female staff of offices that bosses flirt them but you avoid these thing and concerate on your work
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: help please is it in my head? - 09/22/12 11:00 PM

It is definitely true that this is a not-uncommon thing to happen. Still, if a boss keeps creating a romantic atmosphere, that's not healthy, and it needs to be addressed. Either you need to draw it to a close or, if you do want to date him, you need to transfer so you're not working for him while you date him.