Remembering a High School Breakup

Posted by: Lisa Shea

Remembering a High School Breakup - 12/25/12 12:11 PM

It's intriguing - do you find that even as an adult you still remember your old high school breakups? Why do those seem to be so powerful? Is it that hormones are at their highest level in high school so everything seems more powerful then?
Posted by: jilly

Re: Remembering a High School Breakup - 12/31/12 06:04 AM

They were fresh, new, shiny experiences. First times, lots of angst and emotion and passion.

Now it's all pretty much old hat. The dating thing. Breakups. I've been hurt before, i got over it. We all have, yes?
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: Remembering a High School Breakup - 01/02/13 09:25 AM

Dear Jilly -

That definitely could be it, that we are more jaded or cynical or worn down by life as we age, and the experiences we have are just another step along our path. We know that it won't be the end of the world.

Probably a good thing - it wouldn't be wise to have that "This is the one!!!" feeling about every random guy we met smile.