Im so sad

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Im so sad - 01/26/09 02:38 AM

My fiance and I are moving to the city, becuase the otwn we live in had a huge plant shut down. Over 1000 jobs gone, and that just from the plant! Both of us are currently unemployed, i just found out Im pregnant and our apt is awful.

So we thought, we would move. But money is an issue.

My mom's building just had a 3 bdrm unit open up, but you need to be employed to get it (obviously). It's not ready until March.

So Gordon went to toronto ahead of me and Zack to live with my mom and get a job.

I miss him already and he just left this evening.

I tried to put Zack to sleep by myself, that didnt work out great. Zackie is deathly afraid of baby lions coming in through his windows to eat him (dont ask me, I have no clue!)
Gordon came up with the idea, he has this lavender linen spray, and he told Zack it is baby lion spray. It keeps them away just like bug off. So every night he sprays it and Zack happily goes to sleep without fuss. Tonight I did it, and "mommy, nooo! you don do right!! I want Dadddeeeeeeeee! he do it!!!"

Anyhow...I rly miss Gordon.
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Re: Im so sad - 01/26/09 02:47 AM

aaawww, that must be really hard for you. did you try asking zack to SHOW YOU how to do it right, so you could do it right from now on? maybe that will help.
my daughter is 6 now and still has to have her darn bear to sleep with. wow it works giving to her when she is having a hard time falling asleep. kids sure can be silly sometimes. can't live with em and can't live with out em. hehe.
hope things work out soon for you and your family.
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Re: Im so sad - 01/26/09 03:10 AM

If you get two cup hooks and put one on each side of the window and put a small lighweight chain accross the window and put a tiny padlock on the chain and lock it and tell him there is no way any lions can come in now. He will believe you. It doesn't have to work, it just has to make sense to him. Tell him he can be the one to tell Daddy that he locked the window and made it safe just like Daddy did.
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Re: Im so sad - 01/26/09 07:13 PM

Have you thought of getting him a cuddly baby lion ~ his own special one, that won't hurt him, but will make sure that no other lions hurt him, either?

Of course you are missing your fiance ~ but just think how wonderful it is that he and your little boy have taken to each other so well.

But I do understand. I was all alone when I was pregnant with my first child, for several weeks ~ and then for a few more weeks after he was born. I understand the sadness. I think that I suffered with pregnancy depression.

Also, just before my husband had to work away, we were burgled while we were in bed, so I was terrified and kept dreaming about axe murderers smashing through my bedroom door!

By the time the baby was 7 weeks old, we were moving to another house, so I had to sort all that out too!

No wonder I suffered with stress and depression!!! shocked smile smile
But it all got sorted in the end.

I'm sure that you will be fine ~ just be sure to take care of yourself. smile
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Re: Im so sad - 01/28/09 03:37 AM

Thanks so much everyone...

I got Zacky to show me how Daddy does it, and I have it down now wink So simple, I cant beleive it never occured to me to just ask!

Gordon has found a job working as a security guard with my aunt's company, adn cant start for a few weeks, in the meantime however he has found a temporary warehouse job, and will be staying out there, until I move there, working. laugh
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Re: Im so sad - 01/28/09 03:47 AM

kool. glad you got it now. sure helps a lot to get it right. must mean a lot to your son. kids are so fun. hehe.

btw, congrats and good luck for your man and the new job. also for the moving stuff. when it does happen that is.
just hang in there, all with work out as it should.

take care
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Re: Im so sad - 01/28/09 03:50 AM

well, we still have a lot in the air, he's got the job, now he is trying to secure an apt in my mom's building.

Wish us luck, lick your keets, pray whatever...for us PLEASE!

Zack I think just misses his daddy. He asked me if his daddy was going to come back. I thin because his biofather had to leave (and zack didnt see him for over 6 month) he is insecure.

I reassured him, and he spoke on the phone SEVERAL times today with Gord (jeez, cant wait for the long distance bill!)
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Re: Im so sad - 01/28/09 03:56 AM

good luck, good luck, good luck!!! i send LOTS of luck your way.
i will try my best to lick my keet, not sure she will like it. hope she doesn't bite my tongue. lol. maybe the hamster won't mind. haha. she doesn't seem to mind anything at all anyway.
a prayer would be easier, so maybe i will stick with that. wink