keeping on track

Posted by: Birdie Menagerie

keeping on track - 05/16/08 04:50 PM

I am finding it difficult to stay on track. Right now, I'm supposed to be painting the kitchen cabnets, and instead, I am sat here at the computer.

I've taken out stuff out of two cupboards, because I wanted to sort out the junk, and reverse the stuff, to be more organized. And so now my counters are all filled with vitamins, cold medicines, and cook books and recipe cards.

I guess I get to the point where it's no longer fun, and now comes the hard work, thinking of what I should do with this or that, and I get overwhelmed.

I thought if I started with just two cupboards it would be easy. I painted the inside and outside of the cupboards, the paint is dry, and got some of it put away.

Well, got to get back to busy. Any body else have this problem? What do you do to get back into the groove? I stopped and had a cup of coffee, but the break makes me feel like taking a longer break, like maybe it's time to go watch HGTV, lol.
Posted by: suzzie

Re: keeping on track - 05/16/08 06:16 PM

i do the same thing lol all the time.. i have to make my self keep working with no breaks ..breaks make you want to not do it any more.....just keep working on what your doing..even if you want to stop and take a break. when i do this, i some times get in to what im doing and then i dont want to stop tell im done..but that just works for me, it may not work for you...also try to make it a say,, if i paint or do something ans i dont want to, i say to my self if i paint or do this much by this time i well buy me a candie bar at the gas station or get that new shirt ive been wanting,,but when i do finsh in time i tell my self " ok if i do THIS much more then i well not just get the candie bar i well get a drink to" it works some times on me to know i well get something for doing something i dont want to do lol....
Posted by: Birdie Menagerie

Re: keeping on track - 05/23/08 06:52 AM

Oooo, that's right, I forgot about that. My sister calls that rewards. You reward yourself if you do this or that by a certain time frame. I used to make my rewards a cup of coffee or a snack, and then, somehow over time, I forgot about it being a reward and just took a break, and stopped.

Thanks a bunch! I'm really beginning to feel fired up now. I have so much to do. I think I may apply the keep going as long as I can technique on my closet and parts of my bedroom.

I feel like bedrooms are the hardest rooms to do. It's like, how can you find a new place for something, when you want to have everything near you. I just mainly get upset when my pile system falls over and I can't stack it so it can stay in a pile again. I really want a bedroom like they show on TV shows, where everything is so pretty and has a place for everything.
Posted by: Four Keets

Re: keeping on track - 05/23/08 04:32 PM

Birdie Menagerie - I must admit that we do have one of the homes that looks like the one on TV. To get there, we throw a lot (or give away) a lot of stuff. That being said, our storage space is packed!! The trick is to minimize... have as little as possible. I used to get really attached to things, but finally after I started realizing how nice it looks to be uncluttered, I got over it.