Gifts for our PETS

Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Gifts for our PETS - 11/29/11 06:44 PM

most of us do have pets of one type or many of you take time for gifts for our pets and do you think they know something SPECIAL is for them???
Posted by: tessboss

Re: Gifts for our PETS - 11/29/11 08:14 PM

My dog and my sons dog love Christmas. I put a squeeky toy in a gift bag and give it to them and they have to get the toy out themselves. Fred, my sons little weiner dog, opened all of the gift bags while we were eating dinner two years ago looking for his bag. He found it but left about 10 gifts scattered all over the floor. We hurried to get stuff back into bags before people saw their gifts! lol

So I think they know its for them!!!!

Bob and Tom are getting some new shredding toys and a couple of new foot toys. Maggie is getting a giant farting chicken, and Fred is getting a burping Hippo. Yippee!!
Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Re: Gifts for our PETS - 11/30/11 02:23 AM

that sounds about right at your house for critter would think it would be the kids and nope it was a lil weiner ...cracking up...wonder...was it a food treat of sorts in that wrapper for him...

my cockatoo also knew about Christmas and would know he had presents did the dogs...and like you said ...they somehow seemed to understand it was special...

the cockatoo was very meticulous at his unwrapping ...almost toooo meticulous to drive ya crazy
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: Gifts for our PETS - 12/01/11 07:58 PM

I think pets are extremely savvy - perhaps more than people - at picking up on subtle emotions and tone of voice. So I think as people get warm and fuzzy feelings about the holidays, the pets pick that up and feel that same way.

Just like when we're feeling sad, even if the people around it don't realize it, our pets often come to us to nurture us.
Posted by: jilly

Re: Gifts for our PETS - 12/04/11 11:35 PM

I have not given thought to gifts for the cats this year, but then I don't do the holidays at all. They make me sad and pensive.

I do give them special inside attention on wet and chilly days - that is kind of like a gift. smile