Paper Clutter

Posted by: Lisa Shea

Paper Clutter - 02/04/12 08:16 AM

While I was working on another task I also fed receipt after receipt into my auto-scanner. I have a whole box of receipts from last year that I hadn't scanned yet. I got through about 300 of them tonight, so I think that's about half. So a good start at least.

Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday I'll find another spot where I can feed the receipts while doing something else. It will be nice to get these all shredded and the box empty to start in on 2012 receipts.

This was the main paper clutter right now, which I'm grateful for. I used to have piles of paper clutter. Now it's just this receipt box, which isn't really clutter. It's just a task to do.

How are you guys doing with paper?
Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Re: Paper Clutter - 02/04/12 08:59 AM

anddddddd your scanner doesnt result in more paper????

i dont have to worry about receipts cept my grocery ones...or if i buy a big ticket item and i havent done that since last year or so with my new washer dryer...kenmore elite and omg i luv it.
Posted by: jilly

Re: Paper Clutter - 02/05/12 07:20 PM

I hold onto my big ticket items too, and anything I think i might wish to return later. I am big on returning things.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: Paper Clutter - 09/23/12 12:17 AM

About a half-year later and things are still going well. I scan all my receipts and then recycle the originals. So far I've never had an issue with someone not accepting the copy of the receipt which I can print out.

It definitely ends up with less paper. I used to have to keep all these receipts for tax purposes. Now all the paper leaves the house and I just have files on my hard drive.

I do have a portable rubbermaid style box full of "to do" papers, old winery visit notes, all sorts of notes that I mean to write up someday. So at some point I should sit down with even one of the folders and make progress on that.

Still, the receipt scanner was / is a huge help and the paper pile is being tamed.
Posted by: jilly

Re: Paper Clutter - 12/19/12 08:02 PM

Last night i tackled a random large plastic shopping bag full of weird stuff. I had garbage papers, useful papers, leather belts, costume jewelry, air fresheners, a few gadgets and a clock/sound machine. Also a little book on scarf tying that I have been really missing.

What was in my mindset when i shoved these randoms in a big bag and hid it in other mounds of stuff?
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: Paper Clutter - 01/03/13 03:06 PM

Dear Jilly -

It's great that you got that sorted out! These things happen. It's good that you cleansed it and moved on!

One step at a time smile.

It's amazing how quickly my receipt bin fills up. It looks like it's time for me to do another scanning session. Maybe tonight! That will be good to get that all done as we start a new year.
Posted by: jilly

Re: Paper Clutter - 02/09/13 08:57 PM

I think that bag ended up being a 'last minute packing' bag from my previous move. When I move, i start out with everything in logical boxed order, labelled and taped. Toward the end of packing it turns into sessions of shoving whatever is left into shopping bags.

Lisa, what happens if you need to return something and you've already scanned and tossed the receipt?
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: Paper Clutter - 02/13/13 05:13 AM

We've never had any issue with them using a printout of the receipt. They just want proof the item was purchased at the store in the cases we've encountered.