Organizing / Releasing Books

Posted by: Lisa Shea

Organizing / Releasing Books - 09/23/12 12:32 AM

One thing I have a lot of, and that many people I know have a lot of, is books. Somehow we have shelves and shelves of books all over the house, and we don't re-read most of them. Most were read once long ago. So surely I can whittle us down to just say 500 books and get rid of the rest.

So first I look on Amazon to see if it's worth something. If so, I list it there on the used market. It's free to list and they take a commission if it sells.

If it's on Amazon for just a penny, then I go to PaperBackBookSwap and list it there. When I send it off, I get a credit and can then let a friend get herself a free book. So it helps multiple people all at once.

I also routinely send notes out to my friends of my unwanted books, and they take some of them too.

I used to have PILES of book all over the house because I get deluged with free review copies. Now that I've made a serious effort, I now have much smaller piles and they are clearly labeled that they're listed on Amazon, listed on PPBS, or are waiting to be reviewed by me.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: Organizing / Releasing Books - 11/30/12 01:36 AM

My book project is going very well. I have small piles in an upstairs small room, each labelled. Some are listed on Amazon. Some are listed on PaperBackBookSwap. Some are in a pile that are for editor-related giveaway, because those were review copies sent to me. So order is coming to the books!

Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: Organizing / Releasing Books - 12/14/12 04:12 AM

Hurrah! I am now at the point that every book not actually on my shelves and a "keeper" is somehow in queue to leave the house. I have my piles upstairs and slowly but surely they're either being bought by someone on Amazon or being distributed via PaperBackBookSwap. I highly recommend both techniques for clearing out old books!
Posted by: jilly

Re: Organizing / Releasing Books - 01/03/13 08:30 AM

You are doing great, Lisa! Hurray!

What do you do with ARCs and bound galleys?
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: Organizing / Releasing Books - 01/03/13 02:56 PM

Jilly -

I get very few of those, and I would pass them along to editors to then review. Mostly I get finished books.

On Vine I tend to avoid books because of the stack I already have. I get objects instead.
Posted by: jilly

Re: Organizing / Releasing Books - 02/09/13 09:00 PM

I have waaay too many Vine books, but I don't see that stopping any time soon. I have an entire shelf unit just for those, since we are supposed to keep them forever.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: Organizing / Releasing Books - 02/13/13 05:16 AM

Dear Jilly -

My reading of the "keep" rule for Vine is that they don't want people to be selling them items. Amazon had a lot of problems with people getting items solely to resell them again. So when I pass them along to editors to review, I figure the publishers would be happy with me for doubling their exposure.

I guess we'll find out if one complains.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: Organizing / Releasing Books - 04/26/13 07:51 PM

I currently have 47 of my books listed on PaperBackBookSwap. When I first began listing things would just fly out of the house, but apparently the books I have left are the lesser read books and they just sit there waiting and waiting for someone to choose them. So I have moved the stack into the closet so they don't take up visible space. I figure eventually someone will choose one, if I just wait long enough.

These are books that would lose me money if I listed them on Amazon, once Amazon had me pay their fee to them. But I'd still rather PPBS them than donate them to a library around here. I've heard of many libraries literally throwing books into the trash because they can't be bothered to even recycle them, and the thought bothers me. So I want to do my part to ensure they at least get to another reader.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: Organizing / Releasing Books - 05/24/13 05:21 PM

The PPBS books move along slowly but surely at this point, maybe one every week or two. The stack is in a closet now, out of the way.

I have about 100 items on Amazon. Most of them are books, although a few are old video games. 50 of those are at $5.99 or less. So these are all fairly cheap books. They also sell very slowly, maybe one a week. Those are in stacks in the music room. I need to put those in the closet too. No need for them to take up usable space when they're trickling out the door.

I am actively working my way through my books-to-review stack. I would guess I have about 40 books in the music room to review, and another 10 in my office. I used to have a stack in my bedroom too but I am finally through those.