Posted by: Lisa Shea

CraigsList - 03/02/13 09:45 PM

We have hit and miss luck with craigslist. There have been several times that people simply haven't shown up, which especially if we went somewhere to meet is quite annoying. But other times the transaction goes quite smoothly.

Yesterday I sold a gold necklace for $40 and that went easily. We met at an Olive Garden. Then today my boyfriend's meeting a guy part-way to deliver a VCR for $20. So that's $60 in two days. This is all fairly old stuff, too, that was not being used at all. So it does help, one step at a time.

I still have several other things on craigslist. Oddly I have a 5-CD carousel on there for only $10 and nobody wants it! Does nobody use CDs any more?
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: CraigsList - 04/19/13 01:57 AM

This 5-CD carousel is still here, so bizarre. And a few other things as well. I may need to drop them down to $1 in price or move them over to Freecycle. At some point they just need to leave the house.

How are you guys doing with Craigslist? I'm at the point that I need to clear out the things currently listed so I can move on to a fresh set of items. I don't think I've sold anything since that last post.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: CraigsList - 05/24/13 05:26 PM

I've got six items on Craigslist now. I did clear out all the old electronic stuff that I got from my mom.

So now I have an ancient receiver, a speaker, two dresses, a costume jewelry necklace, and a wine rack.

I'm going to drop the prices on all of them, to try to get them to move.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: CraigsList - 10/25/13 12:34 PM

A follow-up - the dresses and wine rack are still waiting to go out of the house. I'm hoping the holidays get some of these things to move - otherwise it may time to simply donate them to charity.

I also have a fresh pile of things from my mom - old turntable, old PC, etc. - to clean up, photograph, and list. One thing at a time.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: CraigsList - 10/28/13 09:53 PM

Had some luck today - looks like a taker for an old PC, and lots of takers for the cactus plants! One step at a time smile.