The Biggest Loser

Posted by: jilly

The Biggest Loser - 02/05/12 10:11 PM

I have to call shenanigans on the producers of this show. I know they like the drama. I know they cast 'personalities' for each season, and they try to create 'storylines' with arc for their 'characters'...but please. I want to tell them to stop with the hero and villian edits, the redemption arcs and the huge focus on conflict. And stop casting game players. Stop egging on people to be nasty to each other. Past contestants say they have a lot of fun in there, too. More of that, please.

The producers even set up drama between the trainers. I prefer scenes of Bob being goofy and singing to contestants about how much he loves dark morning workouts, than seeing made up 'conflict' with Dolvett about stealing workouts. I am sure the producers told Dolvett to mess with Bob and do things to get under his skin. Apparently that is better teevee.

I watch for the inspiring concept of people making lifestyle changes and saving lives.

It's like i have a relationship with this show, where I love it and hate it.

Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: The Biggest Loser - 02/06/12 09:58 AM

I agree - I enjoy the inspiring parts of the show. I dislike the parts where they are arguing and sniping.
Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Re: The Biggest Loser - 02/06/12 11:10 PM

again i wonder about the workings of peoples minds as the producers know thats what works draws folks to watch...just like news about tradgedy...we have become desensitized to that sort of thing thru the years...and going in the other direction...thats why the springer show was so popular also was all staged for that crap because it helped ratings.
Posted by: jilly

Re: The Biggest Loser - 02/08/12 03:38 AM

Sometimes there are good tips in there too. Some recipe ideas, some workout ideas.

Last week Bob said beginners should start out with low intensity running, and increase distance, and then increase speed. He made a point that how the losers start on the Ranch is not really what people should do at home, because of the burnout factor. I would have also added potential for injuries, but i was glad Bob did say what he did.

I think Dolvett is okay, but I miss Jillian. Actually, Anna K, too. I would have been happy to keep Anna.
Posted by: jilly

Re: The Biggest Loser - 01/03/13 07:24 AM

I know this is weird, but i really miss The Biggest Loser. It's been since springtime now!
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: The Biggest Loser - 01/03/13 02:45 PM

Bob (my Bob) is actually studying to become a personal trainer now. So I think our years of watching the show, plus his own weight loss, have inspired him. I'm sure these years of my using him as a guinea pig for every weight loss item I could find, to review for my site, helps too smile. So we are looking forward to the upcoming season, to watch more closely how the training process goes.
Posted by: jilly

Re: The Biggest Loser - 01/03/13 10:33 PM

Nice! Will he be more their Bob, or Jillian? Or Dolvett?

BTW, am VERY excited and pleased for Jillian to return to BL.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: The Biggest Loser - 01/19/13 01:31 AM

I think my Bob will be in Dolvett style. A strong focus on activity and health, with a mindfulness about the emotional issues.

We shall see!
Posted by: jilly

Re: The Biggest Loser - 08/31/13 12:52 AM

I was very happy with the last winner on BL. So pleased they had a palatable group this time.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: The Biggest Loser - 08/31/13 03:59 PM

It looks like the new season begins on October 8th, so not that far away!