Arsenic in Rice

Posted by: Lisa Shea

Arsenic in Rice - 09/22/12 02:31 AM

Are you changing your rice eating habits now that arsenic is found in it in high levels?

Here's the news -

Arsenic in Rice

We already pretty much have rice eliminated from our diet, so that seems a good thing.
Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Re: Arsenic in Rice - 09/22/12 04:10 AM

i have always maintained there is no such thing as TRUE organic for this reason as things in the soil as well as rain and water cannot eliminate all standards are pesticides or chemical growth enhancements be used...THREE MONTHS before harvesting...thats not enough...

better than some instances but NOT is the better way to go but NOT the perfect solution by anymeans...and to think organic is SAFE noooo its not...just safer by a bit.

i dont often eat rice and for carb reasons NO white rice...i will on rare occasions have some long grain rice or wild rice but not very often at all and certainly not more than a cup anyway...

none of our foods are PURE ...EVERYTHING is in one way or another contaminated and you cant stop eating.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: Arsenic in Rice - 09/22/12 04:28 AM

Dear Illusive Fantasy -

I suppose part of it is to acknowledge that organic just means natural. Arsenic is natural. Mercury is natural. All these things are found in nature. There's lots of natural things that, when eaten, will kill you. So organic is just about not adding any *more* trouble to the world smile. It's not necessarily about removing what is already there.

White rice is actually better for you, in terms of arsenic. It's the brown rice which is worse.

I wouldn't call it contaminated. It's the way nature meant for it to be.