Smartphone apps that decrease stress

Posted by: jilly

Smartphone apps that decrease stress - 06/01/10 04:47 AM

I have these wonderful apps on my iphone that make my life so much better. Does anyone else have any apps they use to organize their time or help them relax?

I'll start by mentioning one i really love and use every day: The Habit Factor. I think I paid a buck or two for it, but it's worth many times that for me. With this app I have listed healthy habits that I want to create for myself. A habit takes a while to form, and this helps remind me, keep me accountable, and tracks my progress. Highly recommended!

Posted by: jilly

Re: Smartphone apps that decrease stress - 06/09/10 04:54 AM

Here is another app that really helps me with stress - It's called White Noise. It's free. It has a ton of sounds to choose from that are relaxing - Trains, chimes, grandfather clock, extreme rain pouring, oscillating fan, thunder storm, crickets, beach waves, white noise and airplane travel (ok, that one is odd).

There are a lot of free and paid versions of 'sounds', but this is a good one to get started with. I have many others and am even collecting a little library of my own nature sounds to add via a 'recorder' app.
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Re: Smartphone apps that decrease stress - 07/03/10 02:41 AM

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Re: Smartphone apps that decrease stress - 02/12/12 02:10 AM

I also have some vibrating apps that i can rest on my neck, face and shoulders to give me a sort of massage - MyVibe is one, and another one is called, I think, Massager. You can change the duration and intensity of the vibrations.