Life Without Love

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Life Without Love - 11/30/12 01:32 AM

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Re: Life Without Love - 12/19/12 05:59 AM

I guess. The tree doesn't need flowers or fruit except to propagate, and there are non-fruiting methods to establish new plants as well.

So if the tree isn't interested in bearing young, can it still have love?
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: Life Without Love - 12/21/12 02:02 AM

Dear Jilly -

One could also say that a tree with blossoms and fruit then encourages others to care for it and be around it, which then it's more likely to survive longer. It won't be chopped down as a weed smile. It won't wither due to lack of care.

So the fact that it is bringing beauty into the world helps to ensure its longer health and life. Even putting aside any thoughts of baby trees.
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Re: Life Without Love - 12/31/12 06:08 AM

Not bad! :-)