Kissing Tips and Techniques :
Kiss Types - Food

Kissing involves the mouth - and the mouth involves food! These great kisses combine the two in a sensual way.

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Apple Flavored Kiss
1)Drink sweet apple juice/apple ice tea before hand. (Cold is better) 2)When ...
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better starburst
ya wanna impress him? show him your good with a tounge?well these days there ...
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Blindfold Game
Blindfold your partner and set an arranged variety of foods on the table. Then ...
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cakey kiss
b4 kissing eat some cake or some other stickey food so he wants to lick ...
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Cheese Kiss
Eat cheese and kiss her. She will want ...
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Chocolate Kiss
have a melted chocolate fight and lick up whats ...
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Chocolate Kiss
I believe its made by ...
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Dippin dots kiss
Kind of self explanatory... One of you puts dippin dots in your mouth and the ...
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Firework Kiss
The ultimate sensation. Use the candy "Poprocks" while kissing your partner. ...
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flamin hot cheeto kiss!
have your guy hold a flamin hot cheeto in between in lips and you get it out ...
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Flavored Kiss
Get some flavored lip balm, and give your partner a warm, gentle kiss so they ...
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French Fries Kiss
Stick a french fry in your mouth and eat the french fry till your lips and ...
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gum kiss
take some gum and put it in your mouth and kiss your partner and swap the gum ...
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Gummy Bears
oh ya baby! we all like gummy bears and we all love kissing so imagine them put ...
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hersheys kiss
you get a hershey kiss and both you and your partner french kiss the hersheys ...
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Honey Kiss
dispense a small amount of honey on your index finger and rub it on your lower ...
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hot lips
to have fun put a mild chilli in you mouth and keep swapping until you can ...
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Hot Spot Kiss
My boyfriend's 'spot' is on his ears. So, when we make out, I start off by ...
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icey kisses
suck on an ice cube before hand...when you kiss ur partner the transfer of hot ...
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Jolly ranchers
When you have a jolly rancher in you mouth make your date get it out but only ...
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Kiss with a Candy bar
Stick the candy bar to your mouth until your girl meets you mouth, then let ...
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Kisses Like Wine
Buy a bunch of grapes. Pop one in your mouth and split it with your partner as ...
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Kisses to Remember
work on contrasts! take an icecube or some ice-cream in your mouth and your ...
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kissing situps!
ok this is really fun. one person is on the floor and the other is like on the ...
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Many food-based sweet kisses
1.) Take a bar, not a kiss, of hershey's chocolate and place it on your tongue. ...
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onion kiss
eat sum onions he'll luv u sooooooooo much and he won't let u ...
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Real Fireworks
place a sparkler on either side of ur mouth and go in for the kiss to have a ...
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salsa+kiss=hot (literally) ...
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Starburst Kiss
Get a pack of Starburst, put a piece in your mouth and when you kiss him/her, ...
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Starburst Squirts
get sum starburst squirts and pop one in your mouth just before u kiss. put it ...
Read Full Tip for Starburst Squirts

Strawberry Kiss
Get some strawberries. Cut it up in large pieces. When your partner goes to get ...
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Sweet Candy Kiss
Pop a piece of candy in your mouth and pass it back and forth until it disolves ...
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sweet kiss
say your partner has candy in there mouth, and you want some asked them for a ...
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Sweet Lips
Before kissing your partner, sneak a piece of candy into your mouth. Something ...
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swop kiss
take the kind of candy you and your partner love the best. When you get that ...
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The Cold Kiss
wile out with your baby order a drink that contains ice...when the drink is ...
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the orange kiss
me and my boyfriend usually brought oranges when having a date. we put a piece ...
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the pasta or soup kiss
put a noodle in your mouth and you both start to pull it in you mouth till you ...
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The Supreme Smell
I think this has been slightly covered before, however' most people have talked ...
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toffee or candy kiss
Take the toffee in mouth and pass through lips to the partner again and again ...
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whip cream kiss
fill your mouth with whip cream and your partner has to lick, suck, ect.. to ...
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Yummy Kisses
This is for 2 people. Both of you get a different flavor of gum but make sure ...
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