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Flirting Tips for Guys :
Touching / Hands

Great flirting tips involving touching or your hands

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a good tip
hey yall! im a gurl 2 and a word of advice for all the guys out there: look ...
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always the hips!
girls love touching around their waist. try wrapping your arms around their ...
Read Full Tip for always the hips!

always works
Ask a girl to hangout near where she lives. When your with her ask her to show ...
Read Full Tip for always works

If you want your relationship to be a lasting one, you have to focus on ...
Read Full Tip for Arguments

arm wrestle.!!
Guys, us girls hate when boys let us win at stupid games like arm wrestling. ...
Read Full Tip for arm wrestle.!!

Best tip ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay so there are many steps to this intense flirting session that I am about ...
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BIG hug
girls love boy hugs. but every once in a while, throw in something different. ...
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Brush her Hand with Yours
Find a casual way to brush your hand against hers. Hands are extremely ...
Read Full Tip for Brush her Hand with Yours

Look guys you have to be confident or else your flirting will seem akward and ...
Read Full Tip for Casual

cell phone
if the girl you like pulls out her phone to do somthing, grab it from her ...
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Desk Chairs
IF you sit behind a girl you like, then pull her chair legs towards you with ...
Read Full Tip for Desk Chairs

at first poke , she will poke back when you know shes a little bit intersested ...
Read Full Tip for DO POKE

dont be afraid
Sure we get it if your shy but come on we hate it when a guy won,t try to hold ...
Read Full Tip for dont be afraid

Don't Poke
Yes yes tickling is fine. But poking her and tickling her too much will give ...
Read Full Tip for Don't Poke

Don't think too much
If you are are nervous because you are inexperienced when it comes to touching, ...
Read Full Tip for Don't think too much

Read Full Tip for dUDE

Eye contact drives a girl crazy! When she says something silly or something you ...
Read Full Tip for EYE CONTACT!

Flirting Ideas
come up behind her and give her a firm hug, but not a bear hug. don,t text ...
Read Full Tip for Flirting Ideas

hey boys,,,the girls love while boy touch her waist..she say dont do,,but she ...
Read Full Tip for FOR BOYS

Get her to fight with your hands
Try pulling out her hairband from her hair ( but be careful, don,t pull too ...
Read Full Tip for Get her to fight with your hands

When you guys are hanging when other people are around you too focus on her not ...
Read Full Tip for GIVE HER ATTENTION!!

Grab Her
Hey, I'm a girl, and trust me - this WORKS. If you see her walking around, ...
Read Full Tip for Grab Her

guys DO THIS!!!! your girl will love it
guys just an fyi!! as a girl i must inform... we absolutly love it when you ...
Read Full Tip for guys DO THIS!!!! your girl will love it

Hair action
Guys, girls have a reason for doing there hair (suprised?). We love it when ...
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Guys, I have heard just about every flirting tip there is...but here's a fact ...
Read Full Tip for Hands

i actually love it when a guy grabs my hand, locks his fingers around mine then ...
Read Full Tip for Hands

Holding hands
When beside her, ask for her hand because you wanna "see something" what you ...
Read Full Tip for Holding hands

hug her 'round the waist
if your in school and pretty good friends with the girl you like then when your ...
Read Full Tip for hug her 'round the waist

when you see her in the morning hug her around the waist and slowly rub her ...
Read Full Tip for hugging

Hugs and cringes
If your letting a girl know you like her and are not sure if she likes you ...
Read Full Tip for Hugs and cringes

Heyy this is a girl heree. girls love hugss! but dont over do itt! if they ...
Read Full Tip for HUGSS!

Hwo to make her swoon at the thought of you.
When you hug her, wrap your arms around her waist. Lightly, just barely ...
Read Full Tip for Hwo to make her swoon at the thought of you.

If u are a walk with a girl
Hold her hand I,m a girl and all she is thinking is will he hold my hand so ...
Read Full Tip for If u are a walk with a girl

Is touching his hair a form of flirting
Of course it is becuz one time I did it an he looked at me all flirty I was ...
Read Full Tip for Is touching his hair a form of flirting

jus keep whispering kinky sexy stuff in her ear, and eventually she will want ...
Read Full Tip for kinky

ok im a girl and trust me...girls love it when a guys gets close ok well lets ...
Read Full Tip for legs

Light touch / tickle
Ok to all the guys out there, i,m a girl so i know how great this feels: so, ...
Read Full Tip for Light touch / tickle

my girl loves it
When shes talking touch her face and look at her eyes and move closer a little ...
Read Full Tip for my girl loves it

Neck. Hand. Waist: from my knowledge I think us girls like being touched on ...
Read Full Tip for N.H.W

Physical pull
When talking to a girl stand close but be overbarring. if your standing side to ...
Read Full Tip for Physical pull

Playful and Protective
Girls like to feel a sense of security around guys and just by being near her ...
Read Full Tip for Playful and Protective

Playing with Her Hair
Find a day to sit right next to her. Compliment her hair, then touch it slowly. ...
Read Full Tip for Playing with Her Hair

I have a sensitive abdomen and it can turn on a girl when you poke her there. ...
Read Full Tip for Poking

reach out for her hand
girls dig it when you reach out for their hand. if you have pig-sweaty hands ...
Read Full Tip for reach out for her hand

Self Confidence
can,t say enough about ...
Read Full Tip for Self Confidence

SH0W HER ATTENTiON STUPiD. Dont ignore her. talk to her. touch her. be ...
Read Full Tip for SH0W HER ATTENTiON

Shy Girls won't touch you
Hey, I,ve been hearing a lot about, if a girl likes you, she,ll take any excuse ...
Read Full Tip for Shy Girls won't touch you

Sit as close as possible
I'm a girl, and I've had guys pull this on me with real success. If your ...
Read Full Tip for Sit as close as possible

Small Hands
Kiss the fingertips and wrists of a girl with small hands every so lightly... ...
Read Full Tip for Small Hands

Soft tickling
I tried this on my girl friend and it worked out awesome! so dudes what you do ...
Read Full Tip for Soft tickling

Surprise Her
A girl always likes her man to surprise her. By going up behind her and putting ...
Read Full Tip for Surprise Her

im a girl so.....ya......i know things! wen shes in class or sumtin sneak ...
Read Full Tip for surprise!

Surprise/ Scare
OK! This tip really works!! I'm a girl and this guy I like who is also my best ...
Read Full Tip for Surprise/ Scare

Tap her hand
when you are talking to her, if you are talking bout her TAP HER HAND!!! Trust ...
Read Full Tip for Tap her hand

tease her with some smile and always ask about her habbits and then try to be ...
Read Full Tip for TEASE

The earlobe
Nibble on her earlobe a lil bit and blow on her neck.This will drive her ...
Read Full Tip for The earlobe

the gf knows all
dont argue with the girlfriend everything she says is right but dnt let her ...
Read Full Tip for the gf knows all

The smiley hi
Am a guy and girls seem to like it when guys go up to them and just say hi with ...
Read Full Tip for The smiley hi

The Soft Touch
Touch is an electric sense when flirting - one that can send tingles through a ...
Read Full Tip for The Soft Touch

The touch
When you are saying hi or bye to the girl whom you have a crush on, as long as ...
Read Full Tip for The touch

The Ultimate Advice
Don't argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and ...
Read Full Tip for The Ultimate Advice

Thumb Wrestling
Touch is hugely important in flirting, so finding ways to touch your partner ...
Read Full Tip for Thumb Wrestling

I,m a girl so i know how great this feels. okay so, guys, if you are with your ...
Read Full Tip for tickling

Tips from a single girl
Be confident!! Girls love a confident boy not a soppy one! [Not cocky tho!] ...
Read Full Tip for Tips from a single girl

tocuh there ear
we love it when you touch our ear and whisper in them it getss us going ...
Read Full Tip for tocuh there ear

Be by her side, smile at her make her feel special! If you like her, show her ...
Read Full Tip for Touch

Touch and talk
I love it when my boyfriend grabs me around my waist, and then puts his hand on ...
Read Full Tip for Touch and talk

Touch her Cheek
Find an excuse to touch her cheek. Push a stray hair out of her face, or brush ...
Read Full Tip for Touch her Cheek

Touch Her Lightly
Girls like it when a guy they're attracted to brushes against them in an ...
Read Full Tip for Touch Her Lightly

Touch her on the hips
Im a girl y'all and I cannot describe how great it feels to have a guy's hands ...
Read Full Tip for Touch her on the hips

Touch her upper body
Reach to get somthing and accidently touch her upper body with you arm. This is ...
Read Full Tip for Touch her upper body

Touch her, touch her, touch her.
So, I,m a girl, y,all, and I know what I,m talking about. You don,t even know ...
Read Full Tip for Touch her, touch her, touch her.

touch is the key!
I'm a girl. So take it from me when I say touching is the key! But incconetly! ...
Read Full Tip for touch is the key!

Touching your girlfriend on the waist
When you see her walk up to her and then hold her waist smile and look into her ...
Read Full Tip for Touching your girlfriend on the waist

Touchy Touchy
I'm a girl and I love it when a me and a guy are in a movie theater and he rubs ...
Read Full Tip for Touchy Touchy

try it!!!!!
SERIOUSLY!!!! I have tried this a milllionions times!!!! When everz I see a ...
Read Full Tip for try it!!!!!

Tummy Touch
There's a really sensitive spot on my stomach. It's right above my right hip ...
Read Full Tip for Tummy Touch

Two Things
Yes, I have had somewhat limited expeirence, but I find two things work the ...
Read Full Tip for Two Things

a lot of people say 'dont touch a girl at their waist' but guys dont understand ...
Read Full Tip for waist

dont act nervous!! it just makes it awkward... k? i mean... im a girl and im ...
Read Full Tip for waist

what girls like.
im a girl, i know how it feels. girls love it when you hug them from behind, ...
Read Full Tip for what girls like.

get behind the girl you like and hold them steady with both your hands. Lean ...
Read Full Tip for whisper

works great
this is a trick that works, so sit by your gf then have a friend push you ...
Read Full Tip for works great

wrap around the waist
If your friends with a girl and you see her walking around put your arm out and ...
Read Full Tip for wrap around the waist

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