g Taming the Jealousy Beast for Males

Males are raised to be jealous. We see movies of jealous males, read books about jealous males. It's considered to be normal. A man who is not madly jealousy is sometimes though to be "too weak". Even the animal kingdom has countless examples of strong men driving away any potential competition. On the other hand, a male who is too jealous can often destroy a wonderful relationship and drive away the woman that he loves.

This Jealousy ebook has been developed over the past few years as we have answered thousands of questions from men with jealousy problems, ranging from mild to serious. Learn how to get a handle on your jealousy with practical step by step instructions and worksheets. We'll provide personal assistance with your issues and guide you through your jealousy problem!

50 Pages

-- What is Jealousy?
-- Jealousy vs Envy
-- Jealousy Isnít Necessarily About Intimacy
-- Too Much Jealousy

The Roots of Jealousy
-- Common Jealousy Triggers
-- Your Relationship Expectations
-- Current Reactions
-- The Real Causes of Jealousy

Facing the Fears
-- Fear of Abandonment
-- Fear of Social Disgrace

Self Esteem
-- Cultural Basis for Low Self Esteem
-- Past Experiences with Esteem Issues
-- Building Self Esteem - Body
-- Having a Healthy Body
-- Build Self Esteem - Mind

Week 1 : Handling Triggers
-- Preparing for Change
-- Involve your Girl
-- Recite the Mantras
-- Watch Movies - Listen to CDs
-- Trigger Exercise - At the Party
-- Trigger Exercise - The Co-worker
-- Trigger Exercise - The Male Friends
-- Trigger Exercise - The Ex Boyfriend / Ex Husband
-- Other Triggers in Week 1

Week 2 : Addressing the Past
-- Handling Past Events
-- Become Bored with Jealousy

Week 3 : Improving the Present
-- 20 Ways to Build Romance

Week 4 : Celebrate & Grow
-- 20 Ways to Grow Together

-- Quotes about Jealousy
-- Quotes about Male Trust
-- Movies about Loving Relationships
-- Movies about Jealousy
-- Songs about Trust


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