Just a question for thought if its just going through the motions why all the big wedding costing tons of dollars (which I think is a waste of money myself)
I would hope if I had to do it over I would be smart enough and elope and save all of that money.
I can't believe my ears when I see on tv how much some of these wedding cost. I could easily live on it for a year or more.
So I personally can't believe its just going thru the motions for everyone.
And yes I had a church wedding with dress bridesmaids and reception and no it did not cost an arm and leg back then however maybe it did to my parents. I do know to this day that my mom was mad at my dad as he played big shot and kept an open bar going all night long and they really socked it to them on the bar bill.
We also did not have a long time planning.
My husband was in the service and we got married on his first leave so we had just a few months to plan everything.
Have some good stories also on this which someday will post in funny stories.

My name is Connie