I am a professional seamstress and have been working with brides and making corsets for years. I also "fix" BIG PROBLEMS they have with places like David's and e-bay....I was just wondering how it is going with this dress.
I love it but have seen it several times in stores and magazines...so I was wondering how it was "custom made".
I custom make dresses, women come to my studio and it can take several fittings to get it right...so I just wondered...(ps. I have made amazing dresses for as little as $100 you just have to know were to find a good seamstress...we are a dieing breed!!!)
By the way, I got married my last Dec and I WORE RED!!!!! NO WHITE!!!!!...it was perfect for Christmas...I wore a corest under my dress and my aunt said it looked like I was poured into it...but it fit perfectly and I felt so sexy.......