recently i've rediscovered a friend of mine from elementary school, and well last time we saw each other we just got out of pampers, and into reg underwear. I saw her recently and was like , we talked, i found out why she moved all those years ago and how she's been doing, lots of stories related and asking about old friends and stuff blah blah blah

then there's someone I just met like a few months ago and we've been dating for a while but i dont know........we're close and all but I don't want to like, let go of her or anything

it's just hard in my mind cause talkign to my old friend there's an attraction of sorts (she said so) and to the current lady it's cool and all but not serious yet I don't know wha to do with it i guess I wasn't clear enough
we knew each other when we were little, she moved away to where i've currently movd to and we caught up and started talking again blah blah blah and got close

it's weird i'm sorry

sometimes i confuse myself