I'm a 25 year old male who is losing his mind. I'm out of college, I have a good job, I'm single with lots of friends, I'm a relatively educated, fun, and good person.

I recently went out a weekend ago to a bar/club and saw this girl from a distance. I have no idea what in gods name came over me, because I'm really, really not the type of person to approach a strange girl that I don't know. This isn't to say I'm shy, I'm not at all... just isn't my thing though.

Anyways, I go on a one man crash and burn mission to meet this girl... we connected from the word go. Shes smart, and funny. Gorgeous doesnt even explain her. It was like some scene from a ridiculious movie, where youre like.. hmmm seems real plausible (sarcasm). Anyways.. you get the gist.

Night keeps going, its more and more enjoyable. We danced all night, grabbed drinks, sat down and got to know each other.... 2 hours into this I find out shes married. Like.. whaaaat.. no.. really? You arent married... .. reaally?? One of those..

So common sense should tell me, run... run far.. far away. Her husband is a soldier who is in Iraq and she wasnt happy with him to begin with. This lands me at a ridiculious dilemma. I'm a religious person, I have morals, I'm a good guy. There's no words for how wrong I am to be going after this girl.

We exchanged numbers and went out the next night. Hands down, that next night was the best time I ever had in my life with a girl. Such a funny night, she was unlike anyone I ever met. We laughed and talked all night. Without going into glaringly stupid detail, we spent the night together in the same bed but didn't cross too many boundary lines... but some were very much so crossed.

She says she has no idea what shes doing, and that shes never done anything like this before. She says that she loves who she is around me, and that she is confused and just going with what feels right.

So should I

a) Run?
b) Run really fast?
c) Run really fast and far away?
d) Listen to my moronic best friend who is telling me that everything happens for a reason, life isnt perfect, and you only meet the right person once...

I have no idea.. the girl is hilariously, and beautifully (is that even a word?) amazing. But I'm thinking this is just a monsterous setup thats going to result in total insanity, and /or other acts that a nice, and caring person like myself should not have be apart of.

I'll check back in a day or so,