My first relationship we met at college through a mutual friend and he asked me out. But now I am not sure how to meet someone else?
A few friends suggested online dating sites since they all met their boyfriends or husbands on an internet site. So, I found one and I registered...but alot of the guys who are messaging me are older than me. I figured I would date people my own age (I am 24) so I figured any age from 21-29 or 30 would be appropriate, especially since this is my second relationship ever...even my mom agreed that guys 30 or older might be too old. But some of the guys messaging me are 32, 34 or so...and my friends say that this is fine. And they point out that their significant others also have a large age gap and it doesn't matter...they say age is just a difference and I will met someone who has differences from me too.
Does it matter?
Plus, I feel really bad when people message me and I am not interested or even attracted to them...I know I am not perfect, and I don't expect another person to be perfect...but I just was not interested in the people over 30 "in that way" frown