Thanks for the reply.
I just felt bad or shallow not liking everyone who messaged me...but your right, some people I messaged must not have felt that way either because after a while they stopped relying.
I am really not sure if I want to meet people I "met" online, but I just figured I would see what is out there. And I decided that if I did meet someone it would be at a very public place like a restaurant.
Plus, I figure dating any guy can be dangerous, whether I met him in person first or online...
I don't belong to any clubs or anything. I just finished college and I am trying to find a job in my area. I hope to, after I get a job and have the money, to get a gym membership because I like exercising and would like to do exercise classes and I know this will open me up to meet more people with that same interest. It would be fun to have a partner who will go to zumba or walking with and if we met at a gym we would probably have that similar interest.
I actually met my friends online too...they are on another forum where we chat too...but I never met them in person.