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everyday after track these three reallyyyy cute guys are outside the shcool. but everytime i pass them they say stuff like hey makeout with me or give me a BJ and its getting really anoying. what do i do. i dont really want to say anything to them because im afraid it will sound dumb.

They are probably just trying to 'act big' and embarrass you. This talk is totally inappropriate. They may be good-looking, but they are impolite and vulgar and this is not something that you should encourage. It could be classed as sexual harrassment.

They may or may not be a threat to your safety. There are three of them, they are young men, you don't know them and they are saying things like this. I would advise you not to go near them on your own, just in case. It's difficult to be sure what to say. They may just be silly boys, but they should have more respect. If you feel at all uneasy about them or their behaviour, talk to a teacher or parent about this.

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