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i had a gf who had a friend that i ex is a friend now we go out and her friend come with us.i want her but dont think she would go out with her friends what should i do to get her Advice
Yes, this is a sticky situation. If possible, the best thing right now is probably not to date your ex's friend. It could make things very uncomfortable for all three of you in so many ways.

Maybe this is something you could take your time with. If your ex is completely over you - which she or her friend may not be honest with you about - then perhaps you could start hinting around that you like her. If she is actually over you, then she might not even care, and will give you her blessing!

The main thing, in this type of situation, is to be honest about what you are doing. Don't start dating your ex's friend in secret! Things will eventually come out in the light of day and three people's lives might become messed up. So if you do decide to go for it, don't be sneaky about it.

Chances are, this friend of your ex won't be comfortable with being put in this position at all. I wish you luck while you wade through these murky waters!

-- from Jill
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