Posted By: reallyhurt I need help, i want my x back - 04/03/11 07:06 PM
OMG, all i wrote just got deleted.

anyway, i ll give more background infor later if needed but thing is my bf broke up with me about 2 weeks ago.
I moved from scandinavia to uk to be with him, not all appers was sorted but we were working on it, these things take time.
And he really is the love of my life, i v never ever had feelings like this before and he did say the same to me.
I m 32 , hes 33 so not much age difference.
we were really good together.
I have to go home to scandinavia due to some medical stuff and he was suposed to join me for a few days.

Then boom i get a text saying basically i dont need to come back and its over and i v barely gotten to talk 2 him and its been 16 now since i got that text.

firtsly every aspect of us living together has been great and we have havent even argued, a few minor discussion but thts it.

Then when he send this sms, he says hes spoken to someone we know, not close to either of us really and its the wife to some guy over him at work,
this girl which is a way to nice word for her has said i v said all sort of mean things about him ++++

And i know i m nor perfect but i havent said thos things at all.
I dont know what to do, i have trievd giving him time to calm down and think things true but i miss him so much annd being with him his awful.

I am going over to uk maybe in about a week but i need help, what do i do.
sofar he hasnt even wanted to talk to me and i m terribly hurt hes even listend to this mean girl instead of talking to me first.
even if what she has said can make any sense for him, doesnt mean i have said these things.
I ma firm beliver if i have a problem no matter what it is i take it up with the person it concerns.

please help me here.
Posted By: Katie Garvey Re: I need help, i want my x back - 04/03/11 10:00 PM
well i personally think that maybe its not meant to be,maybe he dosent feel the same way. and theres nothing you can really do if i were you i would move on
Posted By: PDM Re: I need help, i want my x back - 04/05/11 01:32 AM
Hello Reallyhurt smile

I am sorry to read this.

Let's have a look at what happened ~ and I hope that you won't mind me asking some questions smile

You say that he is the love of your life and that he said that he felt the same way about you.

You are both in your early 30s, so you are close in age.

But are there any other major differences?

I take it that you are Scandinavian and he is English / British ~ has that difference in backgrounds caused any problems?

Have you had similar levels of education?
Do you have similar religious and political beliefs / opinions?
Do you have hobbies and interests in common?

You say that you moved from Scandinavia to the UK to be near your boyfriend.

How long have you known your boyfriend?
How long have you been together as a couple?
How and where did you meet?
When did you move to the UK?
Were you living together in the UK?
Had you lived together before?

You say that you were working on sorting things out between you.

What sort of problems did you have?
Were you able to make up afterwards?

Everything seemed fine, to you, but when you went to Scandinavia for medical treatment, he sent you a text ~ breaking up with you.

So, obviously, things did not seem as fine to him as they did to you.

You say that 'every aspect of us living together has been great', but, if that were the case, then he would not have ended the relationship. Something must have been going on in his head that you were not aware of.

Apparently, a woman has told him lies about you, but, if things were going as well as you thought, then he would not be listening to such gossip; he would be talking to you about it and trusting your responses.

There are two possibilities:
1. While you were gone, he realised that things seemed better without you, for some reason.
2. He really does believe what this other woman says ~ perhaps because he lacks confidence, or something.

What can you do?

I think that the best thing might be to write him a letter.

You could ...
~ Explain how you feel.
~ Tell him that you did not do the things he has been told about.
~ Ask him if that is the only reason that he broke up with you.
~ Assure him that you love him and that you do not want to break up.
~ Tell him that you are confused by his behaviour and that, if he is intent on breaking up, then you would like to know why.
~ Speak in your own words ~ from the heart.

I hope that you can sort this out, but it may just be that he feels that the relationship is over. If that happens to be the case then, sad as it is, it will be for the best, because you would not want to be in as relationship where things were not as they should be.

If that does happen, then you would need to spend time with people close to you; take care of yourself and allow yourself to grieve for this relationship.

You are still quite young. You have time to make this relationship work ~ or to move on to find a new love.

Good luck smile
Posted By: bdalton Re: I need help, i want my x back - 11/09/11 03:25 PM
Well, you are on the first step which is admitting that you still have feelings for your partner and though you are already not linked together, there still are ways by which you could win her back. To start with, you have to say to yourself that you have already split up and you do not have control to what the other has to say so you have to respect the decision. You just have to give it your all, actually. Do things better this time. Avoid what things spark arguments.
Posted By: davidcares Re: I need help, i want my x back - 02/06/12 03:39 PM
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Posted By: PDM Re: I need help, i want my x back - 02/06/12 04:03 PM
Hi David

Well, it's been a while since this member posted, so I doubt that she will find this post, but I don't really think that advising spells and magic is the way to go. smile
Posted By: Jackbruce Re: I need help, i want my x back - 12/06/12 08:37 AM
OK,you could say that again.Thanks for sharing this.

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