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When my ex-girlfriend of 3 years finished with me I was absolutely devastated and on the same day I saw her with the guy who was the reason for the breakup. This completely tipped me over the edge to the point of suicide, the only reason i'm here today is because the tablets I had were harmless in the dosage I took.

It took me several days to come out of this slump and I never informed her of this. As time went on we became close friends for 2 months or so, I would always contact her then one day she stopped replying. This is where a lot of people miss the wake up call! When someone does this it means they are moving on, be it another guy or they have rallied all their closest friends who support their decision and help her move on.

Regardless, I missed these points the first time around. I missed her and really wanted to resolve things. The more I tried, the more frustrated I became at not getting the replies I was hoping for. Anger can make you do anything, lack of control over your thought and your actions lead to rash decisions. You can't gauge the extent of your anger until you unleash it, which I did.

One night, by this time I had accepted we would never be together again. She was out with a guy I knew and we were good friends, he knew our relationship history and kept the flirting, kissing etc to a minimum when around me. However, she didn't. Big mistake.

I asked her if we could talk outside and I let her have it in a BIG way, both barrels. Everything I could think of, her weight, looks, attitude...EVERYTHING! I didn't give her the chance to say anything back it was that intense. By the end of it she was hysterically crying, really fired up and she pushed me away and at this point I insisted that she should hit me and started egging her on. She must have belted me in the face at least 10 times, all of which I kept the abuse going. In the end, someone dragged her away and I went home, put a bag of iced peas over my eye and neither felt good or bad. I felt she deserved it for the pain she had caused me.

Several days later, we arranged to meet to tie up lose ends. When I saw her I was so relaxed, I had EVERYTHING out of my system and she knew it. I apologised but by that time the apology was hollow, just say "if you don't want to believe me then don't, its your decision. but I am sorry that happened".

After this, within a week I was on true form. She was completely out of my system. I felt confident in myself and within 2 weeks I had girls approaching me asking me why I was with her, I could do better. All of a sudden I had half-dozen nice looking girls interested in me, I literally had a free choice. I ended up with a really hot girl who I was dating for a year and a half up until about 3 weeks ago, and its broken me. HOWEVER, this time around I've got the wake up call. (see paragraph 2, mabye u overlooked it :)) Yes I still love her, but I won't repeat my mistakes from my previous ex.

The bottom line is move on. Remember those times when you were hot property and that hot guy/girl was around you like a fly around sh*t. Thats who you really are, not this sad excuse thats feeling self-pity. Stop contact with this person and achieve some personal goals. Find a new job, start dating. At some point you will click, and realise that this person has just released you, take advantage of it!! This time last week, you were probably discussing each others day or that holiday next year. You need to forget these plans, they dont exist anymore. Move on, if you haven't heard from them in a while then contact them, but only if you have genuinely moved on, you may hear some things that sadden you though such as they are engauged. This is why its important that you progress with your life and realise it, because knowing they are moving on and your still at the same point you was when you broke up will only depress you.

Think about it, oh and have a read of David DeAngelo's ebook Double Your Dating. Don't see it as a bible to getting girls, it discusses some girls psychological traits which will help you understand why girls might get bored with you and how they feel attraction.

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