I Want My Ex Back

Before you Talk to your Ex :
Drive him crazy!!!!

my boyfriend broek up with me after a year and three months of total giving. I did everything for him whenever he wanted and i always made sure his need swere met. however, i had given so much away that when he broke up with me, i fel ti had nothing left because i had completely devoted myself to him.it was almost liek i was his mother, cooking for him, comforting him. The truth is this is not the way of entering a relationship. We go to the same school and we sit next to eachother in classes. It''s excruciatingly hard to see him all the time but i definitely use this to my advantage.
My steps to get you're ex back
A) ignore him- when guys are in a relationship and thay start to get comfortable they are so used to the the comfort and attention they get in a rleationship that they can take it for granted. once you are broken up he will notice a lack of attention and he will miss the specialness. this means NO CALLS NO TEXTING NO EMAILING. keep you're interactions limited and be unavailable to him.
B)Be confident-One of the most attractive things in the world is confidence. If you are happy and smiling you will draw mor epeople in than a depressed person. Do it even if its hard for you aroound him it will kill him.
C)Use you're womanly powers- women do not realize the sexual power they have over men.
i)Dress- always accessorize and wear something that flatters ur figure. Be sex but dont try too hard, this way hell see what hes missing.
ii)Flirt- If you see youre boyfriend with a bunch of guys talk to the guys around him and ignore him. Flirt with other guys in front of him. Hell see that youre doing fine on you're own and hell be thinking ablut u non stop.

My boyfriend is a total mess righ tnow and i can see that hes trying to look liek hes not hurting but hes nto as good as me at it. He is now under my womanly spell and its just a matter of time before hell be begging fo rme back. But, if he doesnt then ill just find soemone else.

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