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Before you Talk to your Ex :
do i now, maybetmorrw wud be too late!

My ex and I have been dating for alomst 3 months we were deeply in love and our relatin was so serious.. the thingis I admit tat I ruind our relationship..I kept actng childishly..Imade a big dea out f every little thing.. hehad enough and walked outof my life.. I got depressed for a month and 2 weeks I couldnt sleepor eat..I spent my nights cryin and all. I trid to ge him back coz he told me we can still be friends.. I said ok but i didnt act as a friend i kept talking about us so hecudt tae i so he asked me to forget him..
and I thought to myself maybe thats what I should really do..I ignored him or 9days but then I went to see a DR. ad I found out I had a serious disease so I called him cz I thought maybe I wont get another chance to talk to him.. I didnt tell him i was sick I just aked him Y cant we tal anymore?he was still upset and hang up so then h heard I was sick he called my sister a hundred times t ask about me and oneday we met..i hadno idea he'd be in the plac that i as going to..he came up to me, apologized for not being a frind and all..he held my hands and hugged me I was so cold then ..but a week later i called him (1 day before V.day) I didnt want him to know i was meeting him coz of the valentine's so i had to tell him I need to talk to u about sumthn.. we met Valentine's Itld him about m sickness and all then we talked about us..I told him I wih I knew then wat I know now..he explained why he couldnt he with me anymore..but then we spent the day laughing and all.. it was gr8 coz h realized i picked this day to talk to him coz I knew it was V.day(he never spent a valentine with any of his Xs although he dated a lot of gurls in the past he told me he was so excited to spend it with me when we were together) so i gave him a gift on that day ad he smiled wildly! he was so happy he appricited it hehugged me and still held my hands.. he kept looking at me the whole time.. Now Iam happy we are frieds..he taught me a lot of stuff and I only blme myself for ruining our relationship..

SO, YOU CAN IGNORE YOUR EX TOGET HIM BACK ONLY IF YOU DID NOTHING WRONG IN THE RELATION, OTHERWISE, BE NICE ACT FRIENDLY AND TRY TO MAKE HIM FEEL THAT YOU BECAME BETTR AND UR STRONG AND ALL!!! and remember, do what your heart tells you to do, you can ever be su that u'll get the chance to let him know how u feel the next day! now that am sick and was afraid to die..thats why i wntd him to kow i still loe him and i know i wasnt the perfect gurl for him..but now i feel better coz he knows whats in my heart :-)


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