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Before you Talk to your Ex :
GET THAT GUY BACK and DUMP HIM!!! - READ this girls

Basically, when someone dumps you it is because you don't fit in with their "plan" be it short or long term. They think they can do better than you.

If it's a woman, chances are you didn't fit in with her long term plan, i.e. you couldn't provide for her, you didn't seem like you could support her etc. It is harder, in my opinion, for a man to get his ex girlfriend back, because men can't easily change their circumstances to be able to provide. But at the same time, you can still make her jealous and make her feel like she wants you back (even though practically speaking she may think twice about actually being with you). You can do this by just looking good, being positive, and giving the impression that you're very happy seeing lots of girls and just having "flings". This is bound to piss her off.

Now if a GUY left you, this is a different story all together. If a guy left you it is either because:

a) he was using you all along (for sex);
b) he lost interest in you after a while;
c) you turned out to be a different person to who he thought you were; or
d) he met someone he thought was better.

Now this is just my own experience, but if it was a) then you have stuffed up in your judgement but that is ok we all make mistakes. Just try to convince him that YOU were using him. Be clever.

For the rest of them, it is important that you do the usual self improvement thing (gym, being happy, dating), but also figure out what is it that your ex boyfriend wants to achieve in his life?? Does he want to get into a particular sports team, does he want to have a particular job? And figure out what were the things that he really appreciated in life. Now go find someone who has everything he wants! For example say your ex is a Yuppie, start moving with people who are older than he is and who can easily afford the same entertainment, live the lifestyle he aspires to lead..

The thing is, when you are with a guy, you tend to give up a lot and try to make him happy all the time (big mistake) and you do not realise your full potential. Then the stupid unappreciative bastard thinks to himself "hang on, all this girl does is run after me and take care of me, she's so boring, she can't do the things I can do, and she certainly can't do what all these hot chicks I'm hanging out with can do! She's just a boring kind of girl that I can always rely on and run back to.. she ain't going no where." What he doesn't realise is that yes you can go places, you just weren't bothering to before.

Girls have a lot of power that they don't know they have. I see it every single day! Absolutely stunning young girls walking around with total losers. By this I mean there are so many HOT chicks out there who will fall for a stupid, weak little boy and just go out of their way to convince themselves that this stupid little boy is the be all and end all. They have no idea how much they can actually do with their lives. Being good looking alone is a huge card to have up your sleeve. You can manipulate any man provided you do not sleep with him. Girls, use your sexuality to get what you want.. just never sleep with a man until you are at least engaged (if it is marriage you want) Trust me, you can have an army of powerful men at your beck and call if you want. Forget the little boys who want to get in your pants and just give you heart ache in return!

So go out there and live the life he wants!

PS I cannot stress enough that too many hot chicks run after stupid little boys their age, and stupid jerks in general who don't know what they want. Seriously girls, here is a check list for those who still don't get it.

1. Does he have a job? - if no, then DROP him like a hot potato he is a loser.
2. Does he have a firm life plan? - no? forget him! he's a time waster
3. Does he think it is fun to chat women up? - this is dangerous, leave him, he has internal problems and is emotionally retarded.
4. Are YOU out of school yet? If you are, you have no excuse to be hanging around losers like I have described.

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