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Before you Talk to your Ex :
how i got my x back... n now we r married!

what i went through for luv.. but it was all worth it enjoy...

I was with my x boyfriend for 7 months I was 15 goin on to 16 and he was 18 then he broke up with me because i was insecure and over protective i never let him go n e where or do n e thing it took me awhile to understand it but i do now( dont ever make them feel like they r trapped ) and I made the mistakes by calling and telling him I loved and i missed him and how i wanted him back bein to clingy and yea he ended up getting back with me but it felt like he knew he had the power so he kept breakin up with me and getting back together so finally one day he broke up with me for real and I didnt call or contact him in anyway i just let it go it was hard but i had to do it for me.. Then 1 nite about a month later he calls me out of no where and ask me how i was doing and i just acted like i didnt care (even though i was happy and surprised inside) i said i was doing good and conversated alittle bit but i didnt bring up anything about us just normal conversation then i said i was gona go to sleep ( i knew he would be shocked cuz i would usually stay on the phone until he says he wants to get off the phone) and he wouldnt let me get off the phone and he kept asking y so i said well i got things to do tomorrow so i have to go to sleep and he still wouldnt let me get off so i said goodnite and hung up. A week later he calls me again and again i messed up because i let him get to me n i asked to c him and he came we ended up makin love and thats where i made the mistake after that i started callin him thinking we were going to get back together after that but we just talked as friends then we had the biggest argument ever we then stop talkin for 2 years the HARDEST 2 YEARS Of MY LIFE i wanted to call but i didnt and finally i gave up and ended up callin him n we talked n laughed like nuthin ever happened i didnt even bring up n e thing in the past and i no he didnt even wana think about it i was jus happy i got to talk to him again and i love him so all i wanted was for him to be happy and in my mind if he was happy not being with me then i respect that i couldnt force him to b with me n i know he wanted the same for me.. then a week later i call him again and we talk he asked to c me and of course i said yea but i only stayed with him and enjoyed the nite and just talked about how my life was doin n how his was nuthin else he took me home n i just gave him a hug ( I knew he wanted a kiss but you cant b that easy) and i was startin to think i would b the only 1 callin but 1 mournin he finally called me and he told me when he saw me after all these years it made him feel good inside he said he made a mistake and yea he dated but none of those gurls made him feel the way i made him feel he also said now i know y i fell in luv with u he told me he still luvs me n i said u always say it but sayin and doin is different so he showed me that he really did luv me he was there for me through thick and thin didnt have nuthin to hide started living me with me comin home every nite and called me when he was at work jus to say he misses me or who hes with if hes not at work and one friday nite he took me to his grandmothers house it was all decorated and there was so much food all his friends and there gurlfriends and his family were there n he didnt even tell me everyone was goin to b there and i was thinkin it was jus goin to b a regular nite alittle get together but after everyone ate they turned down the music everyone stood quiet n he then proposed to me and that was the happiest nite of my life.

The morally of tellin my story is if its meant to be it will b no matter what if you feel in your heart you truly luv that person then there shouldnt b a rule of who calls who first and those stupid games.. luv is hard but takes time if he truly luvs u then he will fight to b wit you even if you scared him off or made mistakes he will come back thats only if he really luvs u if he doesnt den obviously he doesnt want to be with you and hes not the person for you. but 1 thing i do agree on is to be strong and let things handle itself dont ever beg and same goes for men (unless you really messed up thats a different story)

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