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Your Not Alone..... I want my Ex Back Too.....

I was with my exboyfriend for a short 2 weeks, but we had been talking for about 4 months and i mean TALKING, it seemed like we went out and everyone assumed we did but i dont know why we never made it official till it was almost ending.... ANYWAYS!!
He called me everday, messaged me everyday, went up to me in the hallways, found me after school, skipped classes for me, he was PERFECT. i could talk to him about anything and everything and i loved him sooooooooo much it was unbarable.
He was my first && only love and my first kiss my first hicky, the love of my life. I never wanted to let him go && one day he broke up with me. I guess i took him for granted and i just wish i had him back soooooooooooo bad. I wish i was nicer to him cuz i know i played around with him waaay too much maybe he didnt always know the feelings were rly there and i loved him with all my heart.
We still talk [[just though myspace now]] but its better than nothing. [[If you want to get a hold of your ex just message them saying a simple "Hey whats up? What r u doing?" or what i did "Damn boy can't say hi no more or wat? lol wat you been up to?" ]] Trust me it will work.
Well i'm still MADLY in love with him it hurts sooooooooo bad that we're not together 4 reals sumtimes i just feel lyk i wanna kill myself. But i wont give up, we've been broken up for 6 months and i still love him just as much as i always did and im pretty sure he knows that too!
I asked around [[his exes (which im friends with and so is he) and his friends]] and they said he still likes me but idk WHY HE CANT FREAKIN TELL ME THAT HIMSELF! plus i always see him flirting with other girls. Well hes a gangsta [[Blood]] and a player he cheated on every gf he had before & after me, but not me so i kno he must of rly liked me. he told me he loved me, i could tell he meant it. i told him back and i told him i meant it & he was my first love. idk y we broke up but i am determined to get back with him and im not gonna stop till we do cuz he is the one for me, i can just tell.
Well if your in the same or similar situation as me all i can tell u is NEVER give up, try new things but DONT forget him, TALK to him as much as you can but DONT over do it. Remember the good times, figure out what went wrong in the bad times, have no regrets && let him know EXACTLY how you feel. You never know what can happen. : ]

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