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He/She, the special one is in right in front of you. When the time is right, you both go in for that kiss. But what should you do?

Beginners- If neither of you have had any experience than it is probably better to start off slowly. Because most first kisses are as awkward as they are when they start off, most likely the kiss will not be on the neck or ear or cheek (most people who kiss for the first time do not think of those places because the media/magazines/tv shows's mainly show kissing scenes with the focus on the mouth). The first ever kiss usually starts off as a peck on the mouth. The main thing beginning kissers should focus on is building up to french kissing and passion. Most beginners usually just jump straight to french kissing because it is not that hard. You just have to open your mouth a little bigger, stick out your tongue, and hope for the best. However, if you feel as if that is good enough, it probably is. After you guys have made out, then you can add in things like kissing the neck or kissing the ears or something next time you guys kiss to spice up the action a bit.

1. Tilt your head- Imagine two people standing straight right in front of one another going in for a kiss and they cannot tilt their head. It is very VERY hard to kiss someone when your noses are the only feature that protrudes from your face and your partner’s face. When that happens, you will run noses and it will feel as if your had run into a brick wall or something and it will get runny and not what you want. That will ruin the moment. So, trust me on this one, tilt your head slightly to the right or left. It is just a slight tilt, it is almost a slight cock of the head. If you want to know the position, put your elbow on a flat surface and rest your head on it in a natural tilted position. This is what it should be like.

2. Close your eyes- This should come naturally but if it doesn’t, try not to stare at your partner for if they catch you they might feel a bit of uncertainty. It is ok to look once in a while but don’t straight on stare at him or her because they might think it is kind of creepy. Haha, ohhh the curiosity. :-)

3. Girls, you can do a few things. You can 1. rest one hand on the back of his head and another on the flat of his back, or 2. run your hands through his hair. Guys, you can 1. slide one of your hands right above her butt and the other on the flat of her back, 2. touch her gently from butt up. You could squeeze her butt or gently touching her back or waist. Or if you want to have a “sexy time”, you could pull her onto you by leaning on a wall at a comfortable angle with one leg semi protruded at around a 25 degree angle. Then you would slowly pull her into you, separating her legs with your leg, and start kissing from there.

4. Kissing techniques- this you have to develop it yourself, but I have found twirling tongues, sucking on lip, exploring the mouth carefully to work.

5. Height- If there is a big height difference, then you guys might have to kiss sitting down or something to compensate for its, if not then there is nothing to worry about. Girls, you don’t need to stand on tippy toes and guys, just lean over a bit more if you are taller.

For both Experienced and Beginner Kissers out there, girls: go rub your lipgloss on the next lucky guy, and guys: please go make her day while making yours too, because its a win win situation unlike all those sport games you watch on tv.

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