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Before you Talk to your Ex :

Me and my ex were together 2 years! we were on and off, but the most time we were off was 2months, and we talked everyday and night.. etc. So about 7months ago, i wanted a break! and he didn't, he said he couldn't handle it, he would miss the shit out of me, so I said a 2 week break, a week later he was going out with his BESTFRIEND! (a girl) i was sooooo hurt, and i was a stupid ass to let him know it! i called him and sent him messages on myspace saying how much i missed him and wanted him back. It's been 7 1/2 months since we've been broken up.. I THOUGHT i was over him about 3months ago, WAS I WRONG! if your with someone for a year or more, it's gonna take AT LEAST a year to GET OVER THAT PERSON! and no matter how much you want them back, you CANNOT let them know it. you can't let them get the best of you, because he/she will take advantage of that, and they will USE YOU. and you might be thinking, nahh not me... OH YES, everyone LOVES to know someone wants them, imagine your ex coming to you and confessing their love for you and how much they want you back, GOD WOULD THAT FEEL SO GOOD! no matter if you hate them or still love them, it would make your day, SHIT.. YOUR WHOLE WEEK! so think of it from his standpoint. DO NOT CALL AND CONFESS ANYTHING, do not call. i've gone maybe a month without contacting my ex, or seeing him. HE CALLS ME! it's hilarious, because i don't call him, PURPOSELY, because i know he'll be calling in the next few weeks, to find out what i've been up to, or to tell me how much he hates my new boyfriend. And another thing, if your thinking "he/she doesn't love me anymore!!! :(" DON'T THINK THAT! reason one: your just hurting yourself, and it will make you depressed that he/she forgot about you. reason two: HE/SHE DIDN'T FORGET ABOUT YOU, bottomline. look at how your sad over that person, THEY WENT THROUGH IT TOO! they just didn't let you see it ONE BIT.. and that's the truth. exes cry too! they will make it seem as though they no longer care, so YOU will come running back, they don't want to do the running, so they HAVE to make you. so that's why you DON'T, and you FORCE THEM TO COME CRAWLING BACK! and if they don't.. and you TRULY want that person back, just GIVE IT TIME, and be yourself. and in time, you will realize one of two things, you're finally moving on, and better off without that person, and are finally happy! or two: you truly are better WITH this person, and if so, just remember 'EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON'.. if it's meant to be, IT WILL BE. he/she will come back.. you have to be patient, i know it's hard.. i'm waiting as i speak. the first 5months were HELL for me, i still love him to this day, but i won't tell him :) just recently, i haven't contacted him in about almost 2months, he called me and texted me yesterday.. he calls me ALL THE TIME, when i show NO INTEREST.. so that's ANOTHER tip.. SHOW NOOOO INTEREST when he/she does call.. it will NOT push them away (unless their REALLY sensitive) it will just make them more inclined to contact you again and try to make sense of WHY you're no longer interested.. and THEN you can just talk casually.. and in time, he/she will come around, and REALIZE that you two are meant to be! :)

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