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Signs of Cheating :
plenty experience of this

i have been with a serial cheater for approx 10 years now and have tried to accept his shortcomings in this department as apart from this we have a great life together and still able to make each other laugh etc...i can't imagine being with anyone else. Over the years I have learned that the place to get all your answers is the mobile/cell phone. Keep an eye out for names of people you don;t recongnise, men think they are clever and will save a woman's number under a man's name (the oldest trick in the book), they will delete call lists and text messages (with some phones you can type a short text and click send and it will give you a list of the last numbers that have been texted from the phone - even if the sent items have been deleted so this might be worth a try..

Another sign is that they will keep making excuses to get out of the house, whether its offering to go to a shop for milk or visiting a relative you dont know that well etc, they will usually say they are meeting 'some guy from the football' etc, i.e someone that you won't know at all or won't know well enough to be able to ask if it's true.

I have found that my partner becomes either extremely loving and attentive or very irritable and bad tempered around the times that he is seeing someone else.

My partner has an excuse for everything and I have learned (although this may just be him) that his way of dealing with it is to DENY DENY DENY DENY so my advice is to get some proof under your belt before confronting your partner as sometimes its the only way they will admit anything, if they have been backed into a corner.

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