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Don't leave it up to the lips (start touching).

When making out, your lips shouldn't be the only things moving. Guys love it when a girl touches them during a makeout session. And there are a few sweet spots you can go to without taking things too far to turn him on.
1. The hair. While making out, slowly and gently brush your fingers through the tufts of hair at the nape of his neck. That's where he's the most sensitive. Remember, be gentle- tease him, it'll drive him crazy.
2. The earlobe. It's not just sensitive for females- guys love it to. Don't slobber all over it, though. Slow down the makeout session and then lightly kiss a trail up to his ear. Plant a kiss on his lobe and then bring it between your lips and teeth and GENTLY nibble and suck. You don't want to take his ear off.
3. Chest. Start by cupping your hand on his neck for a while before slowly bringing it down lower, toward his chest. Act hesitant. The slower you go and the more time you take will make him wild as he wonders where your hand will end up. Rub your way down his chest, maybe even bringing your hand down to his abdomen, and back up again. It'll turn him on, trust me.
4. Waist line. You could do a few things here. Get a grip on his belt loops with your fingers and bring him in to start making out. It'll show your ability to be dominant and take control, and guys LOVE that. While making out, you can also wrap your arms around his waist, and let your hands relax down by the back end of his shirt (to clarify: yes, right above his butt, but not on it). Run your hands up the back of his shirt slightly and let your fingers run over the exposed skin there. You could even do this in front of his body, too. Either way he'll be happy.
5. His finger. Sounds wierd, I know, but it's been tried and approved. Take the tip of his finger into your mouth and twirl your toungue around it while sucking, too. It sends a tingling sensation through the body that guys (and girls) love. Take a risk and try it.

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